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Re: THE ART views..

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Bunki Kramer (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 07:02:31 -0700

>I find a lot of this "soap box" very interesting. I am an artist who is
>teaching art/art history to my child's first grade class. I have been
>getting a lot of good feedback from parents and teachers alike. Lately I
>have considered going back to school for a teaching degree, thinking that
>perhaps it would enable to be hired easier and make some money doing this.
>Your discussion sounds as if I wouldn't really learn much of value if I
>did. (I have a B.A. and have several years experience as an assistant
>teacher, and as a mother.)
>Any thoughts on this matter? I'm open to hear them.
>Thanks, Michelle

Hi, Michelle...I don't know what state you hail from. Here in California
you have to adhere to the teaching credential system rigidly....that is:
take a CBEST exam and have a California Teaching Credential that is
up-to-date. I came to California with two previous credentials from North
Carolina and Florida and had to take another year of study here, take their
CBEST (basic skills test) and another National Teacher's Exam (the newer
version with an extra long visual arts section of writing essays and
comparing/contrasting artwork PLUS presenting photos of three of my own
pieces of artwork and discussing them).

Another avenue here is, if you already have a teaching degree in another
field, you can take 20 lower division art hrs. or 10 upper division art
hrs. and apply for a supplemental degree in art.

Plan on taking ed. hrs. if you're looking for a credential. I'd be
interested in talking with you a couple of years from now if you choose
this path and see just what you think of your college preparation.

If you received your CA credential after a certain year...I think it's
something like 1980 or so...then you will not receive a lifetime credential
but you will have to renew it again every 5 yrs. with 150 more hrs. of
college level work.

If your state is like mine, being a teacher's aide with lots of experience
counts zip. Everyone has to go through the system. You need to check out
what your state requires. a's not what you learn of value (though you may),
it's all the hoops you have to jump through to get hired and get a paycheck
and, as San D stated, speak the lingo of the people who hire you. That's
life and there's not much choice if you want to teach. From another rebel
of the educational system...though I've never thought of myself that way
until today!(hee, hee) ...........Cya.....

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
Danville, California 94526