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Re: Writing backwards

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carla harwitt (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 01:02:10 -0800 (PST)

You know, I'm left-handed, too, and I've always found it easy not only to
copy things upside-down and sideways, but also to *read* things
upside-down and sideways. Perhaps it is a right-brain thing.
--Carla in LA

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Bunki Kramer wrote:

> Hi, Sandra..........
> No only is it's extremely easy for me to write backwards and
> upside down. I'm left-handed....maybe that's why. I know it doesn't have
> anything to do with least in my case. I just think EVERYONE
> of us as a human being has SOMETHING unique we can do (like touch the tip
> of the nose with your tongue, wiggle your ears, etc.)...some odd little
> thing. This happens to be my "thing"!!! It's fun to write directions on the
> board backwards and have the kids try to read it without mirrors. I can
> actually write backwards better, smoother and faster than writing forward.
> Go figure!!
> What can YOU do unusual????!!!!
> .............................................
> >Here's a description of a little thing that happened in a classroom, and I
> >wondered if people with knowledge of disabilities would consider this to be
> >a sign of anything.
> >
> >In a 7th grade Art class, I had the students each write their names, first
> >and last, in large handwriting, on a strip of paper. Then I had them swap
> >papers with someone, gave them a blank strip, had them turn the one with
> >the name so that it was upsidedown, and I asked them to see if they could
> >copy the upsidedown signature. The whole point of the activity was to get
> >them to use what I call the artist part of their brain - to observe
> >carefully and draw what they see. (ala Betty Edwards and Drawing on the
> >Right Side of the Brain). The class got reasonablly quiet as they all
> >concentrated on doing this, only one girl not only copied the upsidedown
> >signature, but she did it in reverse, like a mirror reflection. I tried to
> >kindly point out how difficult it must be for her to do that, and she said
> >no, it was easy. She did a pretty good job of it too. Would this perhaps
> >indicate some form of dyslexia?
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> Bunki Kramer
> Los Cerros Middle School
> Danville, California 94526