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Re: Art as a sign of LD

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 19:45:17 -0600

Ben said...

>10: This talkgroup thinks in English. Someone could have told me that there
>are German, French or Spanish answers, but none did.
>So, although this is not what I hoped to find, it is nevertheless an answer
>altogether. There is no possibility to use children's visual artwork as a
>sign of LD. Is that it?
>Someone could start with a collection of drawings from children that have
>learning problems. What are they showing? Maybe than we can use that study
>later for my queeste.


Your comments have made me curious. How many on this list speak English as
a second language, and if so, what is their native language. Your comments
made me realize that I may need to explain common English expressions or
other lingo unique to these countries.

Your request for a collection of drawings by children who have learning
problems is possible. If I have time, I'll scan a few and post them for
you. I second the motion of using Howard Gardener as a resource. He has
written much research on creative intelligence that you may find


Lilly said....

The third story is not so happy. A highly disturbed junior high student
with multiple family problems and ADHD to boot was also a highly visually
oriented student and gifted in art as well as writing and many other
things. Because of his visual skills, I suggested that he would learn--and
be willing to concentrate better--if his teaching made allowance for this.
Deaf ears!--worksheets, more make-up worksheets, not allowed to go to art
class"because he didn't have his work done", etc. I cried ( in private)
for this kid more than a few times. Sorry I don't now how this one came


I think you would be a good person to have on a special education
committee. (We call them educational planning committees) At our
committees, we discuss what works with children with learning disabilites,
ADHD, etc. There are laws that back you up with your concerns. Be assertive
with your case conference chairperson and insist on being in on meetings
that affect your students.

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