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Re: About Marcia's response

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Wed, 29 Jan 1997 05:51:13 -0800

Amen as well! My son is 14. He has a learning disability but he also is an
aspiring artist. He took an adult art class last summer at the Indps. Art
Center and he LOVED it. His self esteem and self confidence rose so much that
when he started back to school this past Fall, his teacher said "His attitude is
much better this year." His learning disability is called visual motor
disability. Basically what that means is he has trouble getting assignments or
notes off the board to his own paper without missing alot. It is the "paper"
work at school that keeps his grades so low. But he is gifted in his art and
reading, comprehension. He's extremely gifted in understanding philosophy and
abstract concepts which often comes out in his artwork. When I talked to his
elementary art teacher about encouraging his art - such as the art club; she
insisted that her art club students have a grade point average of a B. Well
needless to say my son never got in. Actually it is my experience with my son
and watching how he thinks - through art - that inspired me to continue in my
graduate work in Aesthetics and Aesthetics for Children.

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, (Bunki Kramer) wrote:
>Hi, Ben and Marcia........I'm writing to respond to something Marcia said....
>......... According to Mrs. Olson, children with
>>learning disabilities may in some cases just be predominently visual
>>learners who have trouble dealing with the verbal culture of school.
>Amen! Ditto! Same thoughts! I teach middle school full-time art but I do
>have one class I teach for a semester called ART 'N MATH. In this class I
>have 7th and 8th graders combined PLUS geometry students as well as low 7th
>grade LD students Plus one special-day student. I have found continuously
>that I cannot tell the level of math from the finished artwork which I
>receive from a student (except in the case of the special-day student). My
>LD students really "shine" over the high level geometry students...they can
>"see" the visuals of the math in the project and can easily switch the
>concepts into concrete works. The higher level student sometimes has a more
>difficult time doing the quality artwork involved and transferring logic
>into visuals. Here the LD student stands above. It's a kick in the pants to
>see them smiling over the heads of the "smarter"(?) students. Levels the
>playing field!!!
>Bunki Kramer
>Los Cerros Middle School
>Danville, California 94526