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RE: Clay projects

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wrapf (wrapf)
Mon, 27 Jan 97 08:58:23 EDT

Some more suggested pottery projects beyond the "ash tray"

I'd be interested in hearing from others on how the "assessment piece" is
handled in their pottery courses.

Bill R.
Souhegan HS
Amherst, NH

1. Wheel thrown cup/bowl shape with appropriate decoration and finishing

2. In-laid relief decorative process on designed container

3. Coil and slab combination designed piece

4. Design and make a container with an appropriate fitted cover

5. Stack, fire, and monitor the kiln during the firing process, then
draw and evaluate.

6. Sgraffito, incise, burnish, underglaze, and/or overglaze applications
on appropriate ceramic pieces

7. Incorporation of texture by stamping, pressing, scraping, carving,
adding, on appropriate ceramic pieces.

8. Pulled handles on appropriate ceramic pieces

9. Identical or matched set of thrown ware.

10. Combination of wheel thrown and handbuilt pottery.

11. A people pot,

12. Paddled forms.
13. Clay as cloth.

14. Celebration cakes,

15. Wheel thrown distortions,

16. Repetitive forms.

17. Ceramic monuments. Words and details important and include a base

18. Puns in clay. (Tongue tied, Blind as a bat, Footloose, Etc.)

19. Dug out pots.

20. Mixed media design.

21. Lided spirit box. Self portrait of human spirit in clay. Perhaps to
be used as a burial pot for self.

22. Clay and the five senses Create a ceramic piece which will cause a
response to all five human senses-
Touch, Sight, Smell, Taste, and Sound.

23. Clay as a frame

24. Work with local clay

25. Cup and saucer where one is dependent upon another

26. Clay as celebration ( Spring, Dental hygiene, Happiness, birthday,
Rainy day etc.)

27. Sketch a human figure and then reproduce 5 times. Cut out patter and
arrange into a pleasing design. Roll slab of clay, cut around figure and then
bend, add, and cut away. Fire, Glaze, and finish.

28. Design and build a series of ceramic music makers with different
sounds and designs.

29. Design and build a ceramic piece which goes with/ supports/ enhances
an object that is non-ceramic.

30. Create a non-literal expression of the human form using any ceramic

31. Raku, sawdust firing, or pit burning

32. Find a picture and then create a ceramic form to associate with it.
Fire, glaze, and then mount picture within.

33. A ceramic piece with a related brother/ cousin secondary unit

34. A ceramic "tea pot"

35. A mosaic tile relief image.

36. A coil made pot where the coils must show and go in different
directions with of a minimum height of 8"

37. Ceramic working whistle designed to hide it's form into a new form.
Animal, mineral, manmade, or vegatable sculptural form.

38. A ceramic design that pays homage to the ceramic artists of another