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Re: Student's Identification on Web Pages (& new student webpage)

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Sue Palfrey (stp7msb)
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 19:58:29 -0500

Bob's points are well made. Even at the middle school level, I felt that
using student initials is a bit of a compromise. Certainly the school
posts the honor roll in the local paper etc. I do believe that permission
has to be given for photographs of students used in the newspaper -- that's
really a slightly different issue. I tend to be optimistic, and would
predict as soon as comfort level with the WEB increases with use, the use
of student names is less likely to be an issue.

A parallel illustration: a year ago I was sitting on a committee
discussing teacher use of the Internet. We had one computer hooked up in
the library which was locked on weekends. Much to my disgust, there was a
big discussion about how teachers might (mis)use Internet access on
weekends. A year later, most of the teachers have Internet access in their
classrooms, and the weekend teacher use issue has been forgotten

> From: Robert Alexander Fromme <rfromme>
> To: Sue Palfrey <stp7msb>
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> Subject: Re: Student's Identification on Web Pages (& new student
> Date: Sunday, January 26, 1997 6:28 PM
> At 09:02 AM 1/26/97 -0500, Sue Palfrey wrote:
> >I decided on using student initials with grade level. Before I put the
> >work up, I announced that I would be doing this in the Principal's notes
> >home, and asked if anyone had questions or concerns to call me. No one
> >did. I'm sure it would be all right with some parents to use names, but
> >felt in the name of equality, I didn't want to make some students feel
> >uncomfortable because their names were not permitted to be on the WEB.
> This issue is an ongoing problem for those of us who want to help the
> get full credit for what they have accomplished as individuals. I think
> the children are in elementary or middle school the use of a first name
> their initials would be advisable, however, one wonders just how to
> the situation when the kids are in high school. Many of them have seen
> their community accomplishments and their full names published in
> connection with activities of sports, theater, academics and other areas
> school, church, scouts, 4-H and related performances. What is it that we
> fear that forces us to short chance the students' (by listing only
> or first names) in what could be positive ego building experiences?
> that what we are supposed to be doing....... helping them to develop into
> productive, creative, positive and constructive citizens?
> I fear it is, once again, a case of the educational system running in
> from a small percentage of parents and their lawyers who would seek ways
> take financial advantage of their local educational system and, in the
> process, they place additional negative pressure upon the use of this
> learning and motivational tool for educators called the Web.
> What are the varied school policies which are forced upon our list member
> concerning the publication of student names with their accomplishment in
> high school? Are there any cases where high school students have been
> harmed by the publication of their names along with the record of their
> accomplishments?
> What laws govern the publication of high school student names?
> Am I in the minority with my opinion?
> How do others feel about this issue.
> Bob Fromme