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Re: Color Mixing Projects

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Sun, 26 Jan 1997 03:24:05 -0500 (EST)

I introduced color mixing to Art I students and color theories to advanced
classes with an exercise that we all enjoyed and seemed to make a lasting
impression on those memories that often seem even worse than mine.

Per Class: I had 3 students bring in a 2-layer cake, uniced, any "flavor"
they'd like.
3 students brought a can of ready-made vanilla icing. Others brought plates,
cups, plastic forks and knives (1 kid supplied one or more of these for
several classes).I brought in food coloring in the primary colors, and a few
2 liter soft drinks (I also bake 1 cake -- always trying to do as much as I
ask them to do).

I mixed up 1 can icing in each primary color (they are not strong, especially
the red, but it gets the thought across). Art I kids had to mix the
secondaries in separate disposable cups and decorate their cake in a
colorwheel fashion. They could break it up in 1/6th or be creative:
pinwheels, segments of caterpillar bodies, balloons, etc. Advanced students
mixed small amounts of secondaries for a refresher and then chose a color
theory to illustrate in their cake decorating: cool, warm, analogous,
complementary, etc.

After I saw the visual results I desired, the kids consumed their project. It
definitely involved all of the senses! Messy, but rewarding. So many kids
walked out and thanked me who never acted as though they appreciated anything

Great stress reliever for a burned out class or teacher.

Let me know if anyone tries it.
Mary Jane