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Re: Middle School classroom management

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Ryan J Kelsey (rjk11)
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 17:01:25 EST

This is Ryan again. First of all I would like to thank everyone who
offered some great suggestions, many of which I plan to review with my
supervising teacher in hopes of implimenting (?) them into the art class.
I really cannot express my appriciation for all of the help you guys
have given. After things get moving into the semester I'll write back
and let you know how I'm doing.
I also have another problem, which is not exclusive to the art
classrooms. What are you to do with continued students who are very
distruptive to the rest of the class. I also believed that I would be
able to work pro-actively in order to avoid discipline problems, but it
appears that in a few of the classes their are students who will pose
certain problems.
I talked it over with my supervising teacher. So far he has sent
students out in the hallway or with a referel down to the office. The
come back the later the same day or the next no different. For the real
bad cases he has called home, but with little support from parents. It
seems these solutions are only admitting defeat and in turn the student
realizes this and the teacher has lost all of his authority.
My supervising teacher said that at this grade level(7-8) is out of
the question due to the parental engagements and from what I see as a
willingness to get home after work on his part. Either way, its his
classroom and I must abide by these limitations.
So what am I to do with these hard cases. Does anyone have any