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MRS SYBIL CONN (sybilconn)
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 14:30:47, -0500

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In response to Mark Joyce's description of taking his classes to an art

Mark, I was very interested in your field trips with your classes. I am
a docent at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). We have
children from neighboring elementary schools for field trips lasting two
hours.(10-12 o'clock) The first 20 minutes we have an orientation after
which we split them into groups of 4-6 who go with a docent around the
museum. Until 11 we have the permanent collection to ourselves as the
public doesn't come in until then. During that time we do an art project
on the floor (with mats spread<G>) relating to the work on the walls.
After 11 we have a half-hour to see other parts of the museum. Then we
meet again in the classroom to refresh their minds and show off their
projects. We also do a demo which the kids absolutely adore. We have
small canvases (made by doscents) of a reproduction of Jasper John's
American flag rendered in orange, green and black. For those who aren't
familiar with the tricks your eyes can play, staring unblinkingly at
this canvas for the count of 20, then switching your gaze to a white
wall will produce on the wall the flag in its proper red,white and blue.

Before the class comes to the museum a docent does an In-School project.
One docent goes to the classroom with a carousel of slides from the
permanent collection and presents them so that their appetites get
whetted for the trip.

Some of the teachers have been able to introduce art into the school
curriculum but for some children it is all quite new. And the way the
teacher has paved the way makes a big difference in the attitude of the
children. This was most evident last week when the class was obviously
very familiar with the collection BUT seemed only to be interested in
making a checklist of what they had viewed...they didn't stop to "see"

I am wondering if you have any ideas of how I can increase the students
enrichment with the limited time-budget at our disposal.


Sybil Conn
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