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Early finisher packet

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Bunki Kramer (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 17:09:51 -0800

Dear Friends.....I have posted several times and I'm STILL getting requests
for my special resource of drawing projects for early finishers.
Well......I've got a surprise for you!!!!! Guess who I just met?...Jay
Conley.....the artist (and high school art teacher) who designed and
produced these wonderfully simple, short lessons that kids can do on their
own without special assistance from you and can keep them constructively
occupied if they finish a project early. Mind you, I'm not getting paid to
advertise his packet......I just think it's exceptional!

I just found out that Jay has "just" recently joined our chatgroup. I asked
him if any of you were interested in getting his stuff, what method would
be the easiest for him and you.

Jay's reply..........................
Thank you for recommending my work to our colleagues. It
looks like this will be my address ( for a
while. Please feel free to post my address to anyone who is interested.

If anyone is interested in my materials, they can call, write, whatever. I
would love to send them some samples to try out. Usually, I only take
orders through the mail.

One day a few years back while looking through all my handouts, a friend
suggested that I submit them to a publishing company as a possible book or
series. About the same time another friend (also a teacher) suggested that
I should offer them to teachers. Basically, I chose to go with the
teachers. I looked at all the things that I hated about ordering from
companies and decided not to do business that way. I hate waiting for an
order so I choose to use priority mail to ship all my stuff. I always
thought that s&h charges were a rip-off so I decided never to add that on.
I wanted teachers to feel free to make all the copies that they wanted of my
materials for as long as they taught. When I consulted people in marketing,
they told me that everything I was doing was wrong. (I should add shipping &
handling charges, free samples were not necessary, use computer labels
instead of hand addressing, etc...) Anyway, I ignored their advice.
It's been really fun contacting art teachers from all over and I do get a
lot of nice mail from teachers.
Jay Conley
145 S. 9th Avenue
Brighton, CO 80601
303-659-9453 (please feel free to give out my home # if anyone asks)

Me, again! Check it out if you are interested. He'll send you a few free
samples to get the feel of what's available. He just told me yesterday
that he has ANOTHER packet he just completed with 75 "other" ideas.....some
of these are projects which can be used for Sub Days.

I hope I'm not stepping on any toes or offending anyone by putting this to
the group. I don't want to turn our lovely listserv into a catalog
warehouse. It's just that I've had so many people in this group ask me
about this resource!


Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
Danville, California 94526