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Re: Gallery Field Trip

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Cynthia Mangers (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 13:21:24 -0600 (CST)

I too have had great success with taking my students to an Art Museum and
also to an Exhibit by an Art Gallery. I teach second graders in the
middle of Nebraska. I'm a generalist. We study before our trip at least
one of the artists work and life. My students do a role play as a Board
of Directors for the Museum we are attending. They do this on two
different days. After studying about the artist they learn that a new
piece by that artists will be purchased by a benefactor and as a board
they must decide "which one". Each group presents their choice and tries
to convince the others that this is the best decision. At a follow up
lesson the board learns that a group of second graders are coming for an
all day field trip. They have not yet written rules for visitors so they
need to get them written. The groups write rules and then again share
their decisions. From this we create an appropriate list of rules that we
all agree to follow on our field trip. On the day of the trip students
begin outside the building with a discussion of the architecture. Upon
arriving inside we usually are greeted by a docent who takes us on the
museums tour that is standard. Then we go outside in the sculpture garden
for a visit about what we have seen so far. We play a sculpture game to
get some exercise. Then we recall what works of art we decided as boards
to add to the museum collection. Students go in small groups to look at
what is in the collection and decide if they would stay with their
decision or make a change and WHY. We meet again and discuss their ideas
at the park then have lunch and some play time. After lunch we return to
the museum for a scavenger hunt that goes with something we are currently
studying. When students return to the school they write down their
memories of the trip. The next day they create advertisements for the
museum or the exhibit. They can create a radio ad (which I let them
record on a tape player), a TV ad (which I have them perform from our
pretend TV - a box), or a poster. I suppose I've gone on too long so I
will close. Have a great day!

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