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RE>Re- Mail Art Project

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Bonnie Moothart (
22 Jan 97 08:09:44 -0600

RE>Re: Mail Art Project 1/22/97
I have a group of 10 advanced high school art students who would like to =
write to other students who are serious about art and/or artists currently =
working in various venues, in various parts of the country and/or world. =
They have their own email accounts. Can anyone help?

Bonnie Moothart

Date: 1/21/97 7:51 PM
To: Bonnie Moothart
From: Carole Osman
Alex and others:
I am interested in participating in this art exchange. I like the =
idea of using junk mail. I have done collages where students use the =
wrappers of candy, gum, labels from clothes, food, various products =
etc. I teach a Fundamentals of Art class at Kadena High School in =
Okinawa, Japan. Kadena is an American School, but students use both =
American and Japanese products. We don't mind exchanging info with =
seventh graders, but we are open to other participants if you think =
it =
would be more meaningful to communicate with same age students.
Great idea Alex!

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Subject: Mail Art Project
Author: "Alix Peshette" <apeshet> at EDU-INTERNET
Date: 1/20/97 11:33 PM

Hi Gang;
Greetings from Emerson Junior High School in Davis, California. I =
teach 7th grade Exploring Art and Arts and Crafts. As I start a new =
semester, with new students, I have an idea for an assignment which I =
would =
like to do in collaboration with other 7th grade art classes. I call this:=

SURREALLY YOURS... A Mail-Art Project.
Objective: Students will learn and demostrate the elements and =
principles of design by creating a series of collaged 'postcards' =
using junk mail they have collected at home. The collaged artwork =
will be based on the surrealist art movement. The postcards will =
contain a personal message to a penpal art student from another city, =
state or country.
Goals: =
1) Students will collect and select images, text and backgrounds =
from a week's worth of junk mail. =
2) Students will be introduced to the surrealist art movement, =
artists and artwork.
3) Students will select and demonstrate an element and principle of =
design in each collaged work; ie: line and unity, color and =
repetition, etc.
4) Students will write a brief description of their lives, give a =
title to each piece of art and explain how the elements and =
principles are demonstrated in the artwork.
Materials: =
tagboard: 8"x 5 1/2" The tagboard will be folded in half into a =
rectangle =
4"x5 1/2". The collaged artwork will be on one side of the fold, =
with the message to the penpal on the other side. The postcards will =
be folded and taped closed, then mailed in bulk (large mailer) to the =
collaborating classes. The messages can read by the students and then =
cut off; leaving a work-of-art postcard as a gift for the student =
Other materials: white glue, scissors, junk mail.
Now, I must admit that this is a brand new project for me and I am =
sure there will be some 'bugs' that nee=A1 to be worked ou8. I am =
lookin for three classTs of 7th graders=F9who would like t=DF do this =
uniqu art postcard exahange. Participation by students from another state =
or =
(even better) another country would be wonderful. I am planning to bulk =
mail the art to the teachers, just to keep mailing costs down.
I would like to start this project in about two weeks. This will =
give my new students a chance to collect one week's worth of junk =
mail. If you would be interested in collaborating with my classes, =
please e-mail me and we can work out the details.
I invite others to take this idea and do an art exchange on their =
own! Those of you technologically-gifted teachers with your own web =
sites might even 'exhibit' the results of this project!
-Alix Peshette
Emerson Junior High School

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