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Re: Mail Art Project

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Carole Osman (Carole_Osman_at_~~KADE-FHS)
Wed, 22 Jan 97 08:21:42 est

Alex and others:

I am interested in participating in this art exchange. I like the
idea of using junk mail. I have done collages where students use the
wrappers of candy, gum, labels from clothes, food, various products
etc. I teach a Fundamentals of Art class at Kadena High School in
Okinawa, Japan. Kadena is an American School, but students use both
American and Japanese products. We don't mind exchanging info with
seventh graders, but we are open to other participants if you think it
would be more meaningful to communicate with same age students.

Great idea Alex!


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Subject: Mail Art Project
Author: "Alix Peshette" <apeshet> at EDU-INTERNET
Date: 1/20/97 11:33 PM

Hi Gang;

Greetings from Emerson Junior High School in Davis, California. I
teach 7th grade Exploring Art and Arts and Crafts. As I start a new
semester, with new students, I have an idea for an assignment which I would
like to do in collaboration with other 7th grade art classes. I call this:

SURREALLY YOURS... A Mail-Art Project.

Objective: Students will learn and demostrate the elements and
principles of design by creating a series of collaged 'postcards'
using junk mail they have collected at home. The collaged artwork
will be based on the surrealist art movement. The postcards will
contain a personal message to a penpal art student from another city,
state or country.

1) Students will collect and select images, text and backgrounds
from a week's worth of junk mail.

2) Students will be introduced to the surrealist art movement,
artists and artwork.

3) Students will select and demonstrate an element and principle of
design in each collaged work; ie: line and unity, color and
repetition, etc.

4) Students will write a brief description of their lives, give a
title to each piece of art and explain how the elements and
principles are demonstrated in the artwork.

tagboard: 8"x 5 1/2" The tagboard will be folded in half into a rectangle
4"x5 1/2". The collaged artwork will be on one side of the fold,
with the message to the penpal on the other side. The postcards will
be folded and taped closed, then mailed in bulk (large mailer) to the
collaborating classes. The messages can read by the students and then
cut off; leaving a work-of-art postcard as a gift for the student

Other materials: white glue, scissors, junk mail.

Now, I must admit that this is a brand new project for me and I am
sure there will be some 'bugs' that neeÁ to be worked ou8. I am
lookin½ for three classTs of 7th graderswho would like t§ do this
uniqu° art postcard exahange. Participation by students from another state or
(even better) another country would be wonderful. I am planning to bulk
mail the art to the teachers, just to keep mailing costs down.

I would like to start this project in about two weeks. This will
give my new students a chance to collect one week's worth of junk
mail. If you would be interested in collaborating with my classes,
please e-mail me and we can work out the details.

I invite others to take this idea and do an art exchange on their
own! Those of you technologically-gifted teachers with your own web
sites might even 'exhibit' the results of this project!

-Alix Peshette
Emerson Junior High School

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