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Re: Something to Consider

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carla harwitt (
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 12:01:20 -0800 (PST)

I am both a teacher (high school) and a parent (elementary, middle, and
college). When I grade papers, I want to be able to correct not only
spelling errors but grammar mistakes as well. But there are so many (even
in the Highly Gifted group, which I teach), and the volume of papers to
grade is so high because of the numbers of students in each class, that it
would take me many additional *hours* to do so. So I content myself with
just circling the misspelled words, and frankly I sometimes don't even
correct the grammar. I certainly do *not* think that spelling doesn't
matter because of technology or whatever reason, but I am overwhelmed. My
rationale is to hope that in English class the students are being taught
spelling and grammar in more detail than in the art history and history
classes I teach. As (if!) classes get smaller, one of the many, many
benefits will be to free up teacher time (and I'm talking about time at
home, not paid time at school) to concentrate more on this level of
--Carla Harwitt
P.S. As for spelling mistakes in the e-mail, I personally think it
reflects more on someone's typing ability than on his/her spelling
ability. I know I make plenty of typos - sometimes I catch them and
sometimes I don't. I certainly don't proofread my e-mail correspondence
the way I do when I am writing a paper or an article, nor do I think I
should have to. - CH

On Sat, 18 Jan 1997 lharri03 wrote:

> Don't give Don too hard a time. I, too, am often amazed at the poor spelling
> and English that I see on my different lists. I notice really bad spelling
> errors. I don't mind little mistakes but it does bother me. My children who
> are in elementary school and junior high do not have any of their spelling
> errors corrected on their papers. The attitude from teachers today is "Well,
> with today's technology, they can get by without perfect spelling." Needless to
> say, my son is a horrible speller and its frustrating. I'm only in my thirties
> but when it comes to spelling - I am old fashioned. Spelling does matter. I
> don't mean to sound overly critical because I love this list and I'm amazed that
> we can communicate throughout the world. I just felt that people were giving
> Don a hard time when he certainly has a valid point. Others notice too.
> Laura :)
> On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Linda Kelsey-Jones <lkj> wrote:
> >Don --
> >
> >With a little praktis you cud rite lik 1 of my favrit writers, Artemus
> >Ward, partikularly as he onect rote fer the Cleveland Plaindealer. "My
> >perlitical sentiments agree with yourn exackly. I know they do, becauz I
> >never saw a man whoos didn't. Respectfully yours, A. Ward. P.S. -You
> >scratch my back and Ile scratch your back."
> >
> >Are you or anyone out there familiar with this 19th C. humorist
> >writer/lecturer?
> >
> >lkj
> >
> >p.s. Christine, keep writing. "Don't sweat the small stuff, etc."
> >
> >>From: donkay (Don @ Kay Alexander)
> >>Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 12:02:39 -0700
> >>Subject: Something to Consider
> >>
> >>This is intended only to those of you "educated" people who SHOULD know
> >>better but don't seem to care about the poor image you leave with the
> >>public and your colleagues whom you are trying so hard to serve and impress
> >>with your talents. Whin you right a letter too a groo p of people most most
> >>of who have been borned and edjicated in the usa and whom look to me and
> >>you for asistance in an swering problems, allot of the time you should
> >>prove read you're stuff befor e you male it! I am nut directing this too
> >>new arrivles in this countrey or those writting frum forin places, as they
> >>are doin great four evin trieng english.
> >> You old timers in this artsednet group have heard other such appeals
> >>online before, but you seem reluctant to address it even in the most subtle
> >>ways. I believe that some of you should take it upon yourselves to send a
> >>gentle, private message to those who obviously don't care or are just too
> >>lazy to clean up their own act. Most computers do have dictionaries. Yes,
> >>there are such things as typos, but writing "allot" three times in one
> >>letter is not a typo!
> >> Before I am burned at the stake or crucified for being critical and for
> >>trying to salvage what's left of my profession, I humbly tender my
> >>resignation.
> >> Don
> >> PS---Pleeze exskooze all my misteaks--thankyou
> >>
> >>From: Christine Beth Johnson <chrbjohn>
> >>Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 16:34:34 -0500 (EST)
> >>Subject: Re: Something to Consider
> >>
> >>I certainly appreciate your comments that could easily be directed to me.
> >>Sometimes answering over 20 or so e-mails in the 1/2 hour I am allowed on
> >>line I get fast and sloppy. I sure do wish my e-mail allowed spell
> >>check. Anyway. The point is well taken. Thank you.And I find myself
> >>frightened into Silence.
> >>
> >> Christy whose long nails slip of the keys Johnson
> >
> >
> >