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Re: Middle School Art Programs

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Thu, 16 Jan 1997 22:22:57 -0500 (EST)

Hi Ginny-
Maybe the color wheel project sounds better than it is......This is the first
time these kids have had an intense color theory experience, although they've
done lots of mixing at the elementary level. First, I spend a day on vocab.,
giving them notes on 16 or so worrds-- many (primary, secondary) are review,
with new ones like achromatic, monochromatic, etc. thrown in. This year, I
found a little trick from this group to make this a bit more lively -- I
write the words on strips and slap them on my board which has been sprayed
three times with spray adhesive. They are fascinated! Then they get into
groups of 3 (or 2 or 4--but I like 3 the best) and design a template for
pieces of tag to be painted in hues, tints and shades, plus 3 neutrals. They
are given the primaries plus black and white, but must have 39 colors for
their final project. In other words, its a good old color mixing assignment,
but they share the labor. I recommend that the person who mixes a hue, also
mixes the tint and shade for that hue, but they decide how to approach this.
the pices are all cut out, so the final arrangement is a design problem (and
also so they can repaint just one piece). Some of the ideas for their pices
have included a flower center for the hue, petals of tints, leaves of shades,
Mickey Mouse with eyes and mouths for the t&s, hockey equiptment, sun, moon,
stars, abstract designs, etc. In the rubric they designed for this
assignment, they basically have to do the whole thing for a C, do the color
mixing well (so you can clearly see the differences) for a B, do it in an
original way, with high quality skills for an A. They stay really busy and
enjoy the experience of mixing paint. As soon as the first group is finished,
I introduce the next painting assignment so they can go right on.
Do you have any successful ways of teraching color theory and mixing to