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Re: Stop, thief!!

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Bunki Kramer (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 21:29:02 -0800

Hi, Steve.....When I first came back into teaching, I had the same supplies on the other side of the campus, drats! An art
teacher friend, bless her, gave me a super I've used sucessfully
for 7 yrs. now. I've had only 5 pencils missing in these past 7 yrs.!

I keep all of the "little" supply stuff (like erasers, pencils, scissors,
etc.) on a "supply" table located at the front of my desk. Found on it are
several little blocks of wood with holes drilled in each for 36 pencils, 12
hand-held pencil sharpeners which "just fit" in a basket, 36 scissors, (36
x-acto knives, 36 compasses for special occasions), etc. and a small
plastic tote that will just hold 36 pink pearl erasers side-by-side. One
quick look and I can tell if ANYTHING is missing the last 2 minutes of the
class (I can also tell their "condition" at a glance). If all is not there,
NO ONE leaves the room for the next class until it's found. We have 5
minutes passing period and I'll detain them for at least 3 minutes if
necessary. They learn quickly I "mean it" and they are on each other to get
everything in. If something is missing, everybody loses! (They even get
super excited when everything's in it's place on time...and we're talking
7th, 8th graders!) When you have a PLACE for everything, it definitely
helps! I spraypaint cardboard boxes for different sized papers (putting out
the good white drawing paper only when we use it) and colored construction
scraps. I'm even picky about my scrap box. All scraps returned to the box
have to be cut into a rectangle or torn pieces put back in (the
intention being that I've found NO ONE ever picks up a torn piece out of
the scraps to use in their project). Keeps the scrap box neat! We also have
garbage cans marked RECYCLE and THE REST OF THE YUCK. Wow....I'm on a roll!

BTW, assigning kids to do "pencil duty" didn't work for us. The kids at
middle school age generally don't like to do police duty on other
kids...especially for a teacher (ugh!, gross!)...and it's hard to keep
track of everyone if you have lots of kids like we do.

Hope these simple ideas help......Cya.....................


>I have been experiencing a problem for sometime now. Materials, like
>pencils, erasers, paper, scissors and clay manage to disappear on a regular
>basis. As a measure to combat this problem, I always assign at least two
>students each class period to distribute and collect these
>supplies...always keeping track of those students who have failed to return
>these materials. Nevertheless, supplies still manage to walk out of the
>art room. I've even considered installing a hidden camcorder to catch the
>culprits. I would appreciate any suggestions. :-)


Bunki Kramer
Danville, California