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Re: computers in the art room

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carla harwitt (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 20:33:55 -0800 (PST)

Bob - Do you find that your LCD panel projects good images (clear and
color-true)? If so, could you please tell me the make and model number?
I'm trying to decide whether to go for an LCD hookup with a computer, or
with a TV screen hookup. Some of the artsnet people have been warning me
that the images projected by an LCD are not great. What do you thinks?
Thanks. - Carla Harwitt

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Robert Alexander Fromme wrote:

> Concerning the request for information on computers and software use in the
> art room, we at East Central High School have five PowerMac platforms (5200
> AVs, most with 16 megs of memory) and on them we run PhotoShop, Fractal
> Design Painter, Avid Videoshop, Claris Works, One one of the machines (with
> 32 megs of memory) we run Vidio Fusion with some of the other software. We
> have one MAC 60/6600 AV which runs PhotoShop, Painter and Avid Videoshop,
> Adobe Premier, and Ofoto scanning software. We also have 3 Zip drives on
> three of these machines since image files are very large and will often go
> beyond 1.44 megs or the size of a single floppy. We have only a H.P. 540 B&W
> Printer so we are developing exhibition space on the Web and hard copies of
> the student work are currently done at Kinko's Copies....expensive ...yes,
> but without a quality color printer we have no other options. We also use
> one of my personal pawnshop Camcorders for image capture and filming for
> preliminary quick time work. I usually hook the Color LCD screen into the
> 60/6600 platform to do my lectures and to take the class surfing offline.
> We do not yet have a phone line in the classroom so I end up using my
> machines at home to do a lot of work on the web. I have constructed my home
> machines from assorted cards, drives, etc. one is a sleepy 486 which runs
> OS2 and the other is a Pentium running windows 95. On these machines, I
> run email exchanges for the kids, collect materials from the web for offline
> surfing using Teleport Pro (Download whole sites) and Unmozify (mine the
> Netscape Cache directory after surfing) on the Windows95 machine and after
> moving the web sites and useful lecture materials onto a MAC formatted Zip
> using Conversion Plus, I bring the materials in to the classroom. I have a
> personal color scanner and assorted software which I use for lecture
> preparation at home in the evenings and weekends. In addition to Paintshop
> Pro, PhotoStacker, Photo Morph, F.D. Dabbler, LView Pro, Gif Construction
> Kit, and Wordkinx (OCR software). For the work I do on the Web for the
> District and for the High School I use WSFtp, Netscape 3, and Hotdog Pro. I
> use Eudora and HyperTerminal for email.
> Hope this helps.
> Bob Fromme
> East Central High School, San Antonio, TX