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Re: Art Therapy in the Schools?

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Melissa Enderle (Melissaenderle)
Wed, 15 Jan 97 18:45:53 -0000

Art Therapy in the schools? Well, yes and no. I majored in Art =
Therapy and Art Education at Alverno College in Wisconsin. This =
program combined the two fields. There basically are two types of =
art therapy=AD clinical and non-clinical i.e. educational. When most =
people think of art therapy, they are thinking of the clinical =
version. Clinical art therapy cannot be practiced in its entirety at =
the school setting. A school's schedule is not condusive to the =
nature of the therapy sessions in which very deep and complex issues =
may be brought up but are unable to come to a closure. You can't =
just tell a child who has just revealed that he has been sexually =
molested that time's up. Class sizes also make clinical therapy =
I am certified as both an art educator and adaptive specialist. =
While I am familiar with some of the symbolic significance of color =
usage, ommissions, exaggerations, placement, etc. commonly studied =
closely in clinical therapy, this is not my focus. True, I may spot =
some signs which (after repeated occassions) I may refer the drawings =
to a counselor, etc. Rather, my art therapy or adaptive art =
experience has given me the knowledge and experience to attune to =
individual's needs and interests (whether they have a disability or =
not). Self expression is a major component.
If interested, there are tests such as the kinetic family drawing =
(mentioned in your message), house-tree-person, and a host of others. =