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Something to Consider

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Don @ Kay Alexander (donkay)
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 12:24:29 -0700

You said
>I certainly appreciate your comments that could easily be directed to me.
Sometimes answering over 20 or so e-mails in the 1/2 hour I am allowed on
line I get fast and sloppy. I sure do wish my e-mail allowed spell
check. Anyway. The point is well taken. Thank you.And I find myself
frightened into Silence.
Christy whose long nails slip of the keys Johnson<

Dear Christy, because my request to unsubscribe has yet to be honored, I
still have time for a note or two more. Please be assured that my comments
were not intended to be personal. I am a ROTTEN speller and sometimes my
English suffers a great deal when I write, but, there is something I do to
at least improve the situation. Perhaps you are not aware of this possible
solution. After you download all your incoming mail, disconnect from your
net server and answer your mail at your leisure, putting each of your
answers on "queue" (on hold). When you are through writing, get back on
line and up to your menu and send all your queued messages at once. If you
cannot queue your messages, find "settings" in your menu (under "Special"
on the Macintosh) and there should be a box to check or uncheck that lets
you send mail, now or later. If you do opt to send mail later or on queue
from "settings" in the menu, then after you write any e-mail letter and
queue it you must go again to the menu, and be online, and click on "send
now" or some such thing, depending upon what kind of computer you are
using, in order to send it immediately. This can save you much time online
and give you a better chance to edit your mail. Hope this has been of some

PS. I probably made some mistakes in this letter! That is why you have
never or rarely seen comments from me in this group. I hate to be
identified as ignorant!

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