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Re: Middle School Art Programs

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Tue, 14 Jan 1997 11:10:27 -0500 (EST)

I have decided over the past few years that less is more and I try to deal
with one idea or approach at each grade level. I see my regular students for
a 7 week daily art class. In addition, the non band folks can take an
elective art class (art-music, integrated at the 6th grade level) for one
semester per year.

Required classes:
6th -- Portraiture, self identity, individual characteristics
Group self portrait (large painting which must include body parts from each
group member)
Cultural comparisons of the use of the human figure and face in art
Art criticism using PQP format
Representational self portrait with info on inner self added with drawing,
painting, collage, etc.
Face painting (discussion of cultural concept of beauty )
Mask making - Pariscraft on student's face, expressing inner self
Clay portrait of advisor
Daily vocabulary related to elements and principles
Daily aesthetics or art criticism question

7th -- Observational drawing
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain activities
Daily journal entries evaluating progress
Daily vocab. related to elements and principles, drawing vocab, clay vocab
Daily aesthetics, art criticism question
Contour drawings of hands
Contour drawing of group sculpture of McDonald's stuff (This is the first
time I've done this topic-- we did shoes last session)
Clay sculpture from drawings of above
Perspective drawing (table, corner of room, hallway)
Intro to Renaissance artists -- Durer, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael

8th grade -- Color theory and painting
Color theory vocab
Group creative color wheel
Noun painting (I use a new approach every year for this one -- this year the
kids each give me one or two nouns --anything. I pick six and they have to
create a composition using thos six nouns. They have to paint in a limited
color scheme -- 3 hues + values+ neutrals. They love this assignment. Last
year I had them create a work of art based on a gameboard, also limited color
Wall block painting. Design block where they leave their mark on the school
.I require ten thumbnais for each painting project.
Formal art criticism using Feldman's approach (description, analysis,
interpretation, judgement) (This is done over a week-long period, one step
per day at the beginning of class. They write a formal critical review for
their exam)
Info on Picasso, Keith Haring, Susan Rothenberg, Jennifer Bartlett) They take
notes and discuss these artists for a few minutes before starting work each
If there is time, we do a brief unit on architecture -- they draw floor plans
for a dream house, see video on F.L. Wright

All projects have rubrics which are generated by the students.
The elective classes have many more student choices and more fluid curricula.
If anyone is interested, I could go on.........
Marcia Thompson
West Salem Middle School
West Salem, WI

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