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Re: Computers in the art room

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Debbie M. Zafereo (
Mon, 13 Jan 97 23:10:33 -0000

Have you seen the AV Power Mac available to schools (I think it's the
5300) with all the video capability? You can hook them up to a TV (mine
is 25" or so), VCR, video camera, and more! I use it constantly for so
many reasons - slide shows of past projects I scanned for examples of
great work (it seems as inspiring to view, but harder to copy than an
original), instructions (just save & you'll have them for kids who were
absent, etc), short quizzes & stuff, demos of Painter 4 techniques, as
well as the uses you mentioned. Plus, since there's also sound from the
Mac, I've done cool things like show Warhol's Marilyns with Elton John's
"Goodbye Norma Jean" playing on a CD in the Mac. My middle schoolers love
I'll admit that the TV picture isn't quite as good as the monitor but how
good is a LCD/overhead picture? We have a couple, but they're 3 or 4 yrs
old, and I think the TV image is tons better. Have you seen something
projected on a recent model? Also, I have a giant wall of windows and
can't get my room dark enough unless I do the brown paper cover, which I
Occasionally, the TV screen is small for what I need to show, but my art
room is huge & so are most of my classes. In those cases students come up
by table and view either the TV or monitor.
My only frustration is that I share the scanner with 2 darling computer
teachers who allow me to roll it to my room on a cart more often than
they really want to. Since they've come down in price so much, I'm trying
to raise enough Art Club money to buy one that'll be ALL MINE!

Also, thanks to Paula for the desktop art repro idea. I've had Mama Kitty
up there for 2 years & I'm sure the kids are tired of her. I just tell
them she's my only child, and I've had her longer than their parents have
had them (she's 16!). It makes them think I'm kind of weird (and probably
true), but that's a good thing to students their age!
Well, I ramble as usual, but would love to hear more computer ideas from
everyone - aren't toys fun?