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Re: Off Loom Weaving

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Mon, 13 Jan 1997 14:02:11 -0600 (CST)

I do several projects with yarn and weaving each year with my elementary
aded students.

The warp is measured for a math connection, using multiplication and measuring.
I also as a trick cut my looms either 1/2 the length of the ruler or the
length of a ruler to see if any studetn can figure it out during the
measurement process. Each time I teach this leasson they figure it out and
can easily calculate the correct amount of warp thread needed.

The weft is measured by nose to fingertip twice. This length is good so
that no tangling happens.

I keep my yarn in old plastic milk jugs. I cut the bottom off and use the
bottoms and containers for other items. I hole punch near the bottom and
the jug with a paper clip on a wire that is suspended across my ceiling. I
have several jugs displayed with all the colors. A ball of yarn in placed
inside the jug with the thread through the spout. There is no clogging,
cutting off the wrong end, or knotting that develops. Plus it is not
taking up any valuable counter space. The students can easily measure
lengths without fuss.

You can weave with paper plates for circular formats, gather wood/sticks for
tapestry type of weavings, weave natural objects into the warp threads, dye
your own wool using koolaid or natural dyes, etc.

Once you begin to explore the world of weaving, the ideas become endless.

Good Luck!

> This is my first time writing, although I've enjoyed reading the list
>for about four months.
> I will be starting a weaving project with my 5th graders soon on
>cardboard looms, which I have already prepared with slits. I've done paper
>weaving at various grade levels but have never done much with yarn weaving.
> I would love to hear your approaches to weaving. ie. How do you distribute
>the yarn for warp and weft? How many techniques and which ones do you show?
> Do you use any tools to help you weave? Any pointers would be great. I see
>the kids for 45 minutes once a week and both classes are large (27 & 32
>kids). They've just finished a paper weaving.
> Thanks in advance! Shelley

Lauren H. Killam
Art Specialist
Denton ISD