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Re: Art Budget and More

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Tue, 7 Jan 1997 22:35:41 -0600

You said....

>It's always interesting to hear that people want art work displayed all
>over the place but our programs are supposed to be process oriented not
>product oriented. How do you display process? An example I can think
>of happened to me last year. My third grades made papier mache cats and
>dogs. Now, they learned the process of papier mache but some of the
>animals were a little "abstract". I saw a parent carrying one of the
>animals in the hall and commented on how he got to carry the dog home.
>His response was--"Oh, is that what it's supposed to be?" I was really
>happy the child wasn't there.

Yes, I know that. But remember that most administrators have no art
background. They want to draw attention to their school and its programs-
especially in this day and age when test scores cause them to lose their
jobs. I'm suggesting that in addition to the wonderful stuff you do in the
classroom that you don't forget the bigger picture. Your bread is buttered
by an administrator. You simply have to play a little politics and make the
art department presence known. You also may need to educate your
administrator a little about the art process.

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