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Needles, hummmmm?

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Bunki Kramer (
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 21:05:37 -0800

>......... We sometimes use sewing needles, and I splash Clorox
>on them after each class. I've noticed that kids accept these precautions
>very quickly--I only wish they'd be as careful about other means of

Hi, Judy.......You know, I NEVER thought about sewing needles and
contamination with blood! Now I wonder what ELSE I have overlooked. I've
also had kids with AIDS and have found myself forgetting to be careful
occasionally! It seems so silly to have to wait for the janitor to clean up
blood in the classroom but now that's what we're reguired to do plus wear
gloves to put on bandaids, etc. Surely this is happening all over (with
AIDS and Hepatitis B) and not just in California. I DO get angry when I've
found out a child I have had has aids and I wasn't told and the
administration KNEW!!! I know all about the "right to privacy" thing but,
hey, it's also deadly to me and where's MY "rights" when that child cuts
himself/herself? Oh, well....I've probably opened up a "can of worms" now!
I work in California, also, but we have had only one workshop on it and
that was three years ago. Do you find yourself forgetting too?


Bunki Kramer
Danville, California

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