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Re: Tin and Foil projects

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Patricia Munce (pdmun)
Fri, 3 Jan 1997 23:58:19 -0800

Dear Mark,

You must not teach in California. We have inservices usually every year on
the correct method to deal with blood in the classroom. Yes. Rubber
gloves are given out to each teacher along with bandades. We have special
plastic containers for contaminated exacto blades. All blades are to be
thrown out if they have cut anyone. Also, we use diluted bleach to wash up
blood in the room. Cleaning up after a bloody nose is not fun. This is a
real concern for us in the day of AIDS and the other blood transfered
diseases. I have had 3 students who have died from AIDES in the last 10
years. One was a student at our high school just before he died.

Any student with an open wound does not work in Ceramics till it is healed up.

Its a different world .


>Dear Mark,
> Thank you for the great idea about tin weather flashing for metal
>work and sculpture. I have always had the kids save their soft drink cans
>from lunch. The aluminum can be scored easily with a ball point pen and
>cut with ordinary scissors to open up the cylinder to a flat sheet. I have
>used this medium in studying African masks, Pop sculpture, David Smith and
>Louise Nevelson. The source is pleantiful at Central Junior High where I
>teach and I am always looking for new ways to use the cans. I had one boy
>make a 12" high dragon with a large and elegant wingspan just using soda
>Sprite cans and a hot glue gun. Jewelry would be a great idea too.
> When doing anything which might cut the hands, I get a box of
>bandaids from the nurse and some anticeptic soap and show the kids where
>they are. For minor cuts they just wash them up and put a bandage on
>themselves and go on working. We don't make a big deal of it. Goes with
>the territory.
> Thanks again for the great idea.
>Have a great New Year,

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