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Safety with Tin

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Alix Peshette (apeshet)
Fri, 3 Jan 1997 16:09:41 +0000

Hi Mark,

Nice to hear from you! It's been a long time since I've posted
anything, but I have been faithfully reading every ArtsEdNet posting.

The foil I was talking about in the low relief sculpture technique is
regular kitchen foil, not even the heavy-duty stuff.

The second technique does indeed use builder's flashing. I encourage
students to create big bold shapes, rather than thin, pointed
shapes. I also demonstrate how to cut away the excess material with
big scissors and then 'sneak up' on the finer cuts with little
scissors using two or three cuts to create the detail. A good pair
of embroidery scissors work really well.

As for safety, I teach 7th graders, who have some sense of
self-control. I elaborately tell them that while I can stand gross
stuff like snot, I can't stand blood; so they all promise not to
bleed in my presence. Kidding aside, I have had very few accidents.
I keep a supply of band-aids on hand and keep an eye on the
general proceedings in class. I also will help kids cut out more
intricate shapes if they need the help.

We have also used the flashing to create 'Windspinners' which are
painted metal shapes, attached with a fishing swivel to a long
welding rod. These will twirl in the wind and make great potted
plant decorations.

I have also used the stuff to make pierced tin candle holders,
designed around holiday themes, such as Halloween, Valentines Day
etc. For more information on this technique; see the article titled
"Holiday Lanterns" in the October 1991 issue of Arts and Activities magazine.

Well, I hope this lays to rest any fears about gushing rivers of
blood. In all art assignments, one has to balance the maturity of the
students with the complexity of the project.

Hope everyone had a great winter break! While I loved sleeping in
late every morning, I've started to miss my little 12 year old
friends! Time to go back to school!

-Alix Peshette
Emerson Junior High School
Davis, CA