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Sharon. I teach at Monash University in Melbourne (Frankston
actually) mostly Art education to pre service Primary and Early
childhood teachers but we do do some studio arts.
What about collographs. These make excellent prints if you have a
reasonably good press. You can use household foil, sand, tissue,
textured paper, fabric etc. Anything really as long as it is not too
thick. The finished collage need to be coated with shellac so you can
wipe off excess ink. The printing paper should be damp as for
etching. There is an old French process where coloured tissue, with
thin paste on the upper surface, is laid across the block prior to
printing this can add subtle colour effects to the print.
Ypou might like to join the Australian Institute of Art Education .
We hold annual conferences. The next one will be in New Zealand in
September I think. Last years was in Cairns in june.
The Art Craft Teachers Association of Victoria also has an excellent
journalI don't knoe their Email number but i will forward it when i
find it.

Bob Greaves.

Bob Greaves.