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Re: CD Rom museums collection

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Sat, 20 Jan 1996 16:42:41 -0500

I use the National Gallery laserdisk and the Musee d'Orsay disk with my
elementary students. I also use Shorewood (and other) art prints. I think the
combination is very useful. The laserdisk allows me to show a number of works
sequentially, but I can't do side-by-side comparisons. I introduced a
portrait unit to my 1st grade students using these disks, which gave them a
nice overview of how other artists have painted and drawn portraits. I can't
afford to have that many prints on hand, so the disk is a wonderful,
inexpensive (once you have the technology!) source of thousands of artworks.
I also have many smaller prints that they can look at close up.

A comment on the "is that the REAL painting taped up to the chalkboard?"
perception of younger students. I think it's natural for young children to
confuse the reproduction with the actual work of art. I just ask them, "Do
you think the museum would LET me hang this very valuable work of art up here
at Kipling?", and they usually laugh and realize it isn't the real thing.

Kathi Hillyer