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MichaelDelahunt (MichaelDelahunt)
Sat, 20 Jan 96 14:00:12 -700

Beverly Decker wrote: "Does anyone know of an art resource web page?"

I've been making a list of good art Web sites. Here is much of it:

3d Stereographic
Images These pictures allow
you to see 3d images hidden inside of them. If you haven't seen such pictures
before, you should take a look at the tutorial there first. You can also pick
stereograms based on the pictures inside them.

@tlas SanFrancisco
Bay area creatives are building an online publication that features original
photography, illustration, design and multimedia.

Gallery Whether
or not you like Matthew Lewis' nightmarish paintings, seeing how they're
displayed makes this site worth the visit. (If you don't have 3-D viewing
software for the VRML version, click on Gallery and you'll still get the
general idea.)

Adobe --graphic software Graphic software, e.g. type
fonts, Acrobat Exchange & Reader, Illustrator, cd-ROMs of images, etc.

Alchemy of Africa --African culture An
all-encompassing African Web site offering information about all countries and
cultures on the African continent. African Music, art, an extensive market,
African business links, live chats, links to other African sites, and various
other information domains are represented. Although this site is on a very
slow site from most of North America, it's well worth exploring.

Alta Vista The hottest Web search engine.

Ansel Adams: Fiat Lux
photography This exhibit
includes many of Adams' most famous black-and-white photographs.

Art Archives then go to

Art Crimes This is a
gallery showcasing photos of colorful grafitti art from walls all over the

Art Deadlines (is that l supposed to
be a 1?) Lists art competitions of many types-- their objectives, deadlines,

Artists Community at Hunter's Point In San
Francisco, the Hunters Point Shipyard was commissioned in 1941 to repair
ships. In 1980 some of the buildings were renovated into artists studios. Now
"The Point" as it is called, has over 200 artists on site and is one of the
largest artist communities in the country.

Arts and Art Com Electronic Network (ACEN) art, literature,
multimedia telnet:// A conference on the WELL for art,
technology, and text-based artworks, a seminal BBS that includes actual
artworks, discussion on topics such as software as art, and online published
works by John Cage, Fred Truck, Jim Rosenberg, Judy Malloy and others. Contact
Carl Loeffler at

Arts Wire Arts Wire is a
national computer based network for the arts and a program of the New York
Foundation for the Arts.

ArtsEdge A calendar of arts-related
conferences in this site's NewsBreak area.

ArtsEdNet from Getty Center for Education in the Arts Allows participating art educators to
communicate with each other, access curriculum materials, and exchange
information on discipline-based art education (DBAE). Contact
artsednet-request & use the words "subscribe artsednet" to
initiate participation in ArtsEdNet Talk. Also contact MMurdock &
Candy Borland: CBorland

ArtServe "Rubens" --art history images Australian National
Museum Search 1000's of art-historical images.
Texts dealing with the history of printmaking from the 15th century to c.1900,
& a few on the classical architecture of the Mediterranean. For the prints
collection, users can choose between menus offering inlines, or those without.
Images of classical architecture & architectural sculpture will join this
coll. Run by Australian National Museum. Also see

ArtSource A gathering point
for networked resources on Art and Architecture. The content is diverse and
includes pointers to image collections, electronic exhibitions, art and
architecture gopher sites, and electronic art journals, as well as original
materials submitted by librarians, museums, art historians, etc.

ASCII Art Click on the art icon.

Basic Elements of Visual
Literacy A
hypertext demonstration of the Basic Elements of Visual Literacy, using text,
still and moving images, and sound files, arranged to permit you to move
around following the promptings of your own curiosity. Just as there are
components and common meaning for the elements of verbal literacy, elements
and common meaning exist for the elements of visual literacy.

Christies auction house Along with
Sotheby's auction house, a major seller of fine art. (Also see URL for
Sotheby's auction house

Christus Rex This private, non-profit organization
is dedicated to spreading information on art preserved in churches, cathedrals
and monasteries. It contains more than 1,300 images, including 325 from the
Sistine Chapel and 596 of items in the Vatican Museums. 1000's more are
planned as part of a worldwide tour of churches, cathedrals and monasteries.

Cleveland Museum of

Cultural Treasures of the
Internet This is a companion
site to Michael Clark's book by the same name. Although the list is extensive
and up-to-date, Clark has not yet created point-and-click "links" to most of
the sites; so surfers must type them in.

Dallas Museum of Art and
try the gopher at gopher://

Digital Gallery & Digital
Journeys Syracuse University's Computer
Graphics for the Arts Department has set up a Digital Gallery of collaborative
Internet art projects and other computer art related works. This site is the
home to an ongoing collaborative hypermedia project entitled Digital Journeys.

Electric Gallery, The The
Electric Gallery contains an exclusive collection of original native Haitian
paintings for view and sale with prices ranging from $100 to $2300.

FineArt Forum art and Monthly newsletter since 1988:
includes a gallery, listings of art & technology events, showcases, etc. A
gopher to expand into rich-media publishing. Subscribers incl. those working
in the realm where art, science & technology converge. Contact Paul Brown,
brown E-mail him with message SUB FAST; give name, postal
address, & E-mail address

FrEd Mail Foundation gopher:// > /11 >
/fredmail This foundation specializes in establishing innovative and
educationally rewarding collaborative projects using the Internet for the K-12
community. Contact: Al Rogers at Nice,
especially for Apple II users.

French Ministry of Culture, The This includes photos
of recently discovered Paleolithic cave paintings.

Gallery of Interactive On-Line
Geometry Create Penrose tiles,
generate Escher-like pattern, and use a prottypical 3-D viewer through this
page at the University of Minnesota.

George Eastman House Internat'l Museum of Film &
Photography Be sure to view the exhaustive
timeline of film and photography.


GreekArch art and archaeology of Greece and the its
provinces GreekArch is
partnered with a discussion list and homepage for Greek art and archaeology
called RomArch. The RomArch home page is the original crossroads for Web
resources on the art & archaeology of Italy & the Roman provinces, ca. 1000 BC
- AD 700. RomArch is an Internet discussion group sponsored by the Dept. of
Classics & the Interdept. Program in Classical Art & Archaeology (IPCAA) at
the U. of Michigan. (Also see Perseus.)

History of Art Virtual
Library This site lists Art
History and Computer applications in Art History. It includes a list of
university departments and links to some museums and galleries. The question
of how old something has to be before it's history and the interdisciplinary
nature of the subject means that various areas of human endeavour may get
linked to this page. This Virtual Library is maintained by the History of Art
Department of Birkbeck College, University of London.

Il Museo Internazionale delle
Ceramiche Il Museo Internazionale
delle Ceramiche di Faenza e attivo fin dal 1908, e nel corso del tempo ha
continuato ad ampliare e diversificare i suoi servizi, offrendo: L'
esposizione/catalogazione di biblioteca e fototeca specializzata. La gestione
di diverse rivista specialistica. Il restauro di opere sia in proprio che per
conto terzi. Una sezione didattica rivolta alle scuole elementari e medie

Image dot Gallery An
experimental project established with the idea of bringing together the best
works of faculty, students and other artists associated with Arizona State
University. Within the expanding parameters of an evolving electronic medium
image dot gallery. hopes to initiate and invite presentations that explore
the spaces of those yet undefined boundaries.

Images for Art History at Australian National
Prints & Printmaking at

Images, Icons,
Flags Zillions of links to
images of all kinds, including NASA,

Italian Art Links to pp RE
Italian painting, sculpture, architecture, cinema, literature, etc.

Kaleidospace Material from artists, writers, musicians, and
videographers. The Kyspace people charge a nominal fee to digitize and
publicize the unknown.

Kids Art from Wellington, NZ gopher://

Krannert Art Museum The Krannert Art Museum and
Kinkead Pavilion, located on the campus of the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign, houses a collection of more than eight thousand works of
art, ranging in date from the fourth millennium B.C. to the present in ten
permanent galleries. Four additional galleries offer a variety of special
exhibitions, changing frequently throughout the year.

Learning Tool -- Art Related

Library of Congress Offerings from
the nation's library.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art LACMA

Louvre Museum, Paris & & Tour the Louvre Museum. With few images
and text still only in French, the official site may prove disappointing if
you're in search of its masterpieces; instead click on The Paris Pages (2nd of
the 3 addresses above) where you can see the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo & other
treasures. Other Paris museums are represented, including the Musee d'Orsay,
with works by Monet, Renoir, Degas, VanGogh, etc.

Luxembourg's National Museum of Art and
D'ART -- Luxembourg's National Museum of Art and History

Medium for Global Access, Inc
(MGA) The largest virtual art gallery
on the Internet. The server presents fine art for your browsing pleasure and
for sale.

Michael C. Carlos Museum The
Michael C. Carlos Museum is located within Emory University and serves its
community as well the general public. Its permanent collection of over 15,000
objects spans nearly 9,000 years from the prehistoric cultures of seventh
millennium B.C. to the twentieth century. It occupies a 45,000 square foot
building designed by internationally-renowned architect Michael Graves. The
museum also offers special exhibitions, lectures, films, and workshops.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The The most
comprehensive fine arts museum in the upper midwest. The permanent collection
includes outstanding works in seven curatorial areas with 5,000 objects
spanning 4,000 years. This site contains extensive information about the
museum including previews of the galleries and a large catalog of curriculum

Museum Computer Network (MCN) art maars0003 Aims to
increase access to museum and cultural heritage information internationally --
especially for curators and other museum professionals.

Museum of Modern Art NY

Museums - Galleries Yellow
Pages Accessing this site begins
a reading of a c800K alphabetical list, so you have the A's right away and
then wait as more & more of the list becomes accessible.

National Museum of American Art

New Orleans Museum of
Art Floor plans,
exhibitions, and other useful information.

New York State Department of Education Art images for
teachers & gopher:// This gopher site
holds hundreds of images of paintings for teachers' use, many much larger than
a standard computer screen, and slow to download. Open your Web browser to
this address, then click on K-12 Resources, then Arts and Humanities, then

Ohio State University Art
Gallery The Ohio State
University at Newark, Art Gallery has been established since 1968. The gallery
finally moved to its present location in Le Fevre Hall in 1994. The space has
been increased 10 fold and is suitable for exhibiting all forms of art. The
Art Gallery is excited to make its exhibitions available to a world wide
community by committing itself to exhibiting local, national and international
artists of all statures.

OTIS (Operative Term Is Stimulate) & OTIS is a public access library containing
hundreds of images, animations, and information files. It archives the work
of new artists, including many students, in areas from painting and sculpture
to tattoo art and computer-generated images. Within the sunsite ftp, the
directory is /pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS. Use the "bin" command to insure
you're in binary transfer mode. [Whatever the heck that is!]

Palace of Diocletian at Split: Unique Structure from the Later Roman Empire
architecture Hyperm
edia art/architecture history exhibit on the "Palace" of Diocletian at Split.
Contact: Michael Greenhaigh, Dept. of Art History, Australian National
University at

Perseus --Ancient Greece resource at Tufts
university The art, archaeology and texts of
ancient Greece. Lots of photos of archaeological sites, sculptures, pottery,
coins, etc. Links to other related sites. (Also see GreekArch.)

Philadelphia Museum of Art General
information about the museum, its programs and exhibits. Images are available
the Galleries section. Nice previews of upcoming exhibits.

Photographs from Detroit Publishing Co.,
1880-1920 A searchable collection
of over 25,000 glass negatives and transparencies and 300 color lithograph
prints, including 900 large format photos by William Henry Jackson. A subsite
at the Library of Congress. Heavy on eastern U.S. place subjects.

Pixel Pushers Exhibition of Original Digital
Art Included in the line up are
Oscar-winning composer and musician Buffy Sainte-Marie, some of Canada's
foremost graphic artists including Yuri Dojc and Louis Fishauf,
Vancouver-based typographer Stephen Herron, and digital art innovators from
the U.S. including Diane Fenster, Jeff Brice, Helen Golden and the mastermind
behind Kai's Power Tools, Kai Krause.

Princeton University Art Museum museums,
art gopher://gopher,Princeton.EDU/11 Information about the museum's permanent
collection, special exhibitions, gallery talks, additional information. Gopher
trail is North America/USA/New Jersey/Princeton UniversityUniversity
Departments and Services/ArtMuseum

Private Art Galleries A
list of links to private art galleries hosted by Video On Line, an Italian
online service.

Pueblo Cultural
Center General
information about the center and specific information about the Pueblos,
including Zuni Pueblo. Includes images and educational information.

RomArch --art and archaeology of Italy and the Roman
provinces The RomArch home
page is the original crossroads for Web resources on the art & archaeology of
Italy & the Roman provinces, ca. 1000 BC - AD 700. RomArch is an Internet
discussion group sponsored by the Dept. of Classics & the Interdept. Program
in Classical Art & Archaeology (IPCAA) at the U. of Michigan. RomArch is
partnered with a discussion list and homepage for Greek art and archaeology
called GreekArch.

San Diego Museum of Art &

Santa Barbara Museum of Art "A jewel of a
museum," is how admirers often describe the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.
Leslie Ridley-Tree, president of the Board of Trustees likes to say that it's
a jewel of so many facets that it's difficult to decide which one shines the

Museum Search
through 6,600 records and 3104 images online. About half the database records
do not have corresponding images.

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American
Art Several sites including the National Museum of American
Art. Search through its more than 500 highlights, portraits of artists, videos
of artists at work. Among other features are background notes and postage
stamp-size images that won't strain slow modems and can be enlarged.

Sonoran Sky Elementary's Art Ed
Program A page about k-6 art
teacher Michael Delahunt's program. Some great lesson plans there.

Sotheby's auction house Along with Christie's auction
house, a major seller of fine art. (Also see URL for Christie's auction house

Spanky Fractal Database A collection of fractal
images, programs, documents, papers, code examples, and other fractal related
material for free distribution on the net. Information was submitted by
contributors or hunted down from nooks and crannies on the internet. A
convenient resource for the fractal enthusiast. If you have information on
fractals that you want to share contact the maintainer. Enjoy and discover.

Teachers' Edition Online

Thomas --Federal Legislative Information Texts of
bills pending and passed, Congressional Records, e-mail to legislators, the
Constitution, frequently asked questions, etc. E-mail to Rep. Newt Gingrich (R
- GA - 6th Dist.), Speaker of the House at georgia6

Treasures of the Czars This
exhibit at the Florida International Museum, St. Petersberg, FL, includes
photos of historic artifacts.

Free means to create a Web p. with one's own address. Ltd to a set amount of
memory. One who knows nothing of HTML can instantly create a page simply by
filling in blanks with information. Decide how much of your personal info--
name & address, etc. you really want to display on your page. Include graphics
and links to other pages if you like, etc.

Uncle Bob's Kids' Page

University of Arizona Center for Creative
Photography The Center for Creative
Photography is a museum & research center devoted to photography as an art
form. Its collections are among the most accessible in the world. Founded in
1975, the Center is a unique institution offering printviewing from the
photography collection, research archives, changing exhibitions, educational
programs, a library, publications, and a museum shop. You can also find out
how to reach the Center for Creative Photography.

Vatican Exhibit

WebMuseum, The Nicholas Pioch's site includes an
extensive collection of famous paintings that draw 1000,000 visitors a week;
many "mirror sites" have been set up to prevent cyber-traffic jams.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Women Artists Archive

World Art Treasures The Jacques-Edouard Berger
Foundation collection in Lausanne, Switzerland, includes Botticellis, Egyptian
and Asian art.

World Wide Arts Resources This
site has links to many museums and galleries, an index to more than 2,000
artists, searching capabilities, and information on many other art pages on
the Web. The site was created by Markus Kruse, curator of Ohio State
University's Newark art gallery.

Yale University Art Gallery and its Art & Architecture
Library and