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CD Rom museums collection

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Kathryn A Rosenfeld (
Mon, 15 Jan 1996 17:24:07 -0500 (EST)

What do teachers who use the National Gallery lasderdisk (or other CD Rom
museum collections) think of it as a teaching tool for art history? Is
it the next best thing to the real thing, or are standard reprosuctions
still better?

University of Cincinnati - Art Education -printed on rock
outside the Art
Academy of Cincinnati

> From: GladRag
> Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 08:53:07 -0500
> Subject: elementary museum ed. and prints, etc.
> While I agree that there is nothing like seeing a real work of
> art......I also suffer from not being able to get the kids (K-6) to museums
> easily. I agree with Tom about creative use of resources, but have also
> suffered from the kids being very confused about "pictures of pictures" or
> photographs of pictures, a.k.a. prints. As much as time allows in the time
> gap we use (40 min.) I try to introduce a variety of reproduction methods
> including prints (mostly), I have the National Gallery laser disc, slides,
> filmstripsk, videos, etc. By the time I get the kids through 6th grade, they
> have been exposed to a variety.
> Knowing that nothing beats the real thing, I have always taught on the
> premise that kids are young artists. We have good local artists in our
> community. I have invited them to hang their works in our school lobby as
> part of the kids' art show. They love it because it gives their work
> exposure, makes art real, and the kids can talk to the older artists. We
> have also celebrated youth art month by having several artists display their
> ware in the gymnasium and talk to the kids (and yes, I get very inappropriate
> at times, we built an "pointillism painting" of cupcakes on the gym
> floor....I feel like I'm going to confession with this one). This kind of
> live artist event takes a good bit of work and so even with parent help, it
> only gets done every other year or so.
> Most important, however, is that I have built on the classroom teachers'
> interests and by combining some of the art program with their work, I now
> have them planning their one or two a year only field trips to art museums!
> Our third graders go to the Florence Griswold house in CT (my state) and it
> is phenomenal. They end the day painting on site in her gardens. I go with
> paints, etc. and we focus on the experience of the light, etc.. I have
> gotten one local artist to come in and paint in our courtyard...
> My fourth graders now go to the Wadsworth Atheneum when they visit the
> state capitol. We do some prep work before hand and a good follow through!
> I'm in the process of getting the sixth graders to the Yale Gallery
> which offers wonderful ancient art as well as gorgeous contemporary and
> cultural stuff, and my final project will be to get the fifth graders to the
> American Art Museum we have in another town in state. This is achieved by
> making art important to the total curriculum and learning experience, but not
> sacrificing to doing "projects" that correspond to units of study.
> Merrilee

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