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Re: Refilling watercolors

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Terilynn Sanford (terily)
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 20:10:59 -0600 (CST)

I teach elementary art and one of my colleagues suggested using tempera
to refill the watercolor pans. Just fill them up and leave them out
until they dry. Then they can be used just like watercolor. I haven't
tried this myself, but she swears by it. She doesn't even order
watercolor anymore!

On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, Gina Booth wrote:

> Is it possible to refill used up elementary school watercolor pans with
> tube watercolors, or is that too expensive. What about refilling the tins
> with tempera paint, would that work? I'm especially thinking of yellow
> that runs out the fastes. My whole class is about out of yellow.
> Last year I refilled some pans with cheap not quite waterproof acrylic
> paints but they dried solid and waterproof(for once!).
> Another question, is it my imagination or has the student grade acrylic
> paint gotten really runny in the last five years? My high school students
> used to keep paint in 35mm paint cannisters and the old paints I still
> have in gallonjugs are fine, but all the new ones I've ordered in the
> last two or three years are quite runny, in fact, if the students 35 mm
> cannister jar tips over
> it all runs out. I have turned all my acrylic lessons into watercolor
> lessons as that is about the consistancy of the paint, like egg whites.
> This years batch of gallon jar of acrylic paint was even thinner. My seventh
> graders do
> printing with foam rollers on styrofoam and the paint this year was so
> thin we just had to throw out the prints and get out a little bit of old
> paint squeezed from the last of my gallon jars from several years ago. I
> guess I'll just have to start ordering a higher grade of acrylic paint.
> I like to order my acrylics in gallon jugs. I do not want to identify the
> company as I do like everything else they have and all of their help.