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Sun, 28 Feb 1999 09:51:49 EST

Dear all:
Thank you for your speedy responses. Let me qualify the situation here in SC.
You're right, heneborn, Charleston is an amazing place to live with it's 18th
century history, ocean, and quaintness. Believe me I have worked it out so
that all this doesn't get to me after school and on weekends. Slowly I'd like
to be a part of contributing to some positive changes in this rapidly
burgeoning place in the South. In many ways I am reminded of my teaching-Art-
in-Africa-days with the Peace Corps. The truth is they need good art teachers
here... About my schedule, I Teach 8 classes on Mondays, and 7 classes T-F per
day. There are 9 periods per day, so I have 40 mins for lunch, and 40 minutes
planning each day with the exception of Mon. But I have only 2 preps on Mon.
This is all very different from teaching in NYS as I did last year. Yet many
art teachers have it worse than I. My school is a wonderful, supportive place
to work in many ways. Class periods are 40 minutes long and their is no
passing time between classes. When your 40 minutes are up there is another
class waiting outside the door. There is no specification with the state for
the amount of classes we, as Art teachers, should teach per day and our
district arts ed supervisor wants to make some changes. We have no unions
here, obviously. He feels teaching 8 and 9 classes a day is too much, and is
going to the state to ask for 7. He feels that asking for 6 classes a day
would be too much to ask for. I think 7 is too many classes to teach and prep
for each day. You're right, I do get exhausted, but the warm ocean breezes
quickly revive me. Out of those of you who have responded so far to my message
the average class load for each is 6 classes a day, as I suspected, with some
@ 7. To add fuel to the fire, last year in NYS a full day at the middle school
was considered five 50 min classes with 5 min in between. Few understand the
preparation, planning and displays that take time in order to provide a
quality visual arts program.

I am a new teacher to this area and don't want to make waves until I
understand the situation completely. For now I'd like to know what I can do to
get the ball rolling to improve the quality of arts education here in an
unobtrusive, positive way. Your suggestions are welcome. I thought a survey of
class load per day would be useful information, please continue sending me
this info.

Kindest Regards,

Kate Rothra
Belle Hall Elementary
Charleston County Schools
Charleston, SC