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Re:How do you deal with failures

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Sun, 28 Feb 1999 00:14:55 EST

Hello to all,
I've been reading this list for several weeks now; this a wonderful group!
Everyone seems to be quite committed to quality teaching so I'm hoping you'll
have some input regarding my recent feelings of inadequacies as an art
or educator of any type. I teach K-6, each group meets once per week for
only 30 minutes. The problem is I feel like I'm functioning more as a
babysitter than someone providing a valuable resource. There is some pressure
from administration to produce pretty things for the walls but for the most
part I am able to put that aside and I teach what I want. I guess I don't
feel I'm getting the results I would like (not in terms of product because I'm
much more interested inprocess). How does everyone deal with students who are
not "art majors"? I realize I can't inspire them all but what to do with
those that, if life were perfect would be filtered out of the class? This is
not to say that art is only for the serious student on the contrary I think it
is an essential to producing a whole person but, like it or not, there are
always going to be some that are unwilling to move beyond crayons, regardless
of age. What do you do when you realize you just aren't going to reach them?
And how do you prevent them from being a disruption?

I am certain this is the right group to consult and will greatly appreciate
any thoughts, positive or negative.

Hoping you're all enjoying the weekend,