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Re: Brushes in Coke

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Maggie White (mwhite)
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 16:21:42 -0800

croberts wrote:
> > It wasn't until I gave them
> >temporary ownership of the brushes (with their initials on a masking tape
> >"flag" on the handle) that they started taking much better care of them.
> > We do the same with palettes, palette knives, drawing pens...anything
> >that needs a thorough cleaning at the end of class.
> Maggie, I tried this once...and found they were still "one step up on me".
> They didn't have "cubbies" to keep their own supplies, but we had shelves
> with the items stored there. I had some students who thought nothing of
> taking the tape flag off of another person's tools and putting one of their
> own on it...then the person who was missing theirs was not the "culprit".
> This happened a lot when someone would be absent.

Ah, I don't allow the students access to tools and supplies. If it's something they
can't keep in their class lockers (yes, I'm really lucky to have those!), I collect them
personally at the end of class and lock them in a cabinet. If the kid hands it in
dirty, it's his problem. Also...

Fields, Linda wrote:
> I have contemplated doing the same thing. How did you manage to accumulate
> enough to be able to give out individual tools? Do you do it at all levels,
> or just your upper level kids? What do you do if they lose them (or someone
> "steals" them-with my kids, they're never responsible!

Have received similar inquiries by e-mail, so will post a general reply here: We're on
the block schedule; only my 2D class paints, and there's only one section each semester.
Both 2D and Drawing use the pens and ink, but at different times. Each student is made
aware that the tool is his responsibility; if he leaves it sitting around, or doesn't
lock his locker and it's stolen, he has to pay for it. Bottles of ink are the most
coveted item; I set out one dozen, with 2-3 students sharing a bottle, and no one gets
to leave until all are accounted for. Most semesters there is no theft. If there is
theft, I simply put the bottles out with no lids on them.

A really great suggestion that several members wrote about a while back is to number
EVERYTHING, then assign each student a number; each kid gets to use only the brush, pen,
etc. with his/her number on it.