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Lesson Plans

Stephanie, art lessons

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Riverrat (mselle)
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 18:31:29 -0500

Dear Stephanie, I teach k-2nd gd. Here are a few lessons you might even
complete in one class. Simple, and effective.

Note: Mounting considerations: To be effectinve these works must be mounted
on colored constuction paper. This means that your image must be smaller
than the mounting sheet. You can precut the white paper, or crop after. I
usually mount with a staple in each corner. If it is a very special work, I
use elmer's glue around the perimeter of the image. Remember, if you are
going to mount for students, make sure their names are on images.

Image with Texture: Materials: 9 x 12 white paper, colored markers,
scissors, glue, black construction paper. If possible motivate by showing
color pictures of cell life,protozoa, etc. Have students draw a very wierd
abstract design with black marker. They can use pencil first and go over
with black marker. Space within the design should be broken up into
compartments(but not too many). Using color markers, in each of the image's
compartments, have them create a different texture using lines, dots,
dashes, etc. Each compartment should have a different colored texture. When
complete, have them cut it out. Using glue this time, mount on black
construction paper. Looks jazzy.

Snow Dome: Materials: teacher precut dome shape from white 9 x 12 paper.
Markers, blue mounting paper, glue. If possible motivate by showing a snow
dome, (an object which, when it is shaken shows a scene with snow falling)
or describe a snow dome (at least one student should know what you are
talking about) and show pictures of Grandma Moses' snow scenes. Have
students draw with pencil a snow dome scene, examples:, houses in snow, ice
skaters, kids on sleds, forest in winter, etc. Have students go over lines
with colored markers. You can make snow with markers, and add some clear
glitter if you have supplies available. Students sign name, hand in, and
teacher mounts work by gluing it on dark blue background paper.

Glow worm. Materials: "beige" kraft paper, 4 1/2 x 12",scissors water color
paints, or markers that bleed, glitter glue, permanent black markers.
Students are motivated by pictures of worms and discussion of glow worms
and fire flies. Students curve ends of paper with scissors, (or teacher can
do this in advance). Using permanent black marker, make eyes, mouth on
worm,(lends personality to creature). Using markers that bleed, or water
color paints, color in worm. If using markers that bleed, teacher collects
and quickly dips in water with students watching. (Note: if student has
completely colored in space with marker, there is no need to dip in water.
This step is simply to saturate paper with color.) Blot with paper towel to
speed drying. When dry,students fold in fan shape. Then students dribble
glue on worm and teacher adds glitter. Worm is to be mounted on
construction paper with staples.

Option: Students can create a background for the worm on the mounting paper
before teacher collects and mounts.

Good luck. Sincerely, Diane L.