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Re: nudity with elementary students

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Kauai Academy of Arts (kaca)
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 21:01:42 -1000

I just asked my 6th grader how she would respond to all this about nudity.
She looked totally puzzled and said "let them see it, its just a part of
life, DUH!!"
Erasing parts of a work of art???!!!!! Never! However, I did cut out the
nude section from a figure pose book I had a few years ago in high
school---I didn't want to deal with sexually aroused students.
Seems to me that by hiding or avoiding nudity you are either suggesting
something IS wrong with it or you are just plain scared of dealing with it.
After the stuff they hear in the media, is it any wonder our kids are
confused? I guess each teacher should examine his/her own feelings about
nudity and if you truly feel uncomfortable with it, leave it out of your
I don't censor any nudity in works of art, in fact I often draw attention to
it. I'm doing a Picasso unit on portraits right now and pointed out how he
often reduced the breasts to dynamic circle forms. That got a few titters
from the 4th and 6th graders but I just went right on with the lesson and it
wasn't a big deal. Artists ARE VERY INTERESTED in the body and always have
been. I ask students why that might be so. They almost always come up with
the answer that artists must find it beautiful and very challenging to draw
because of all the subtle shapes and lines.