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Re: Fwd: FW: Forward in support of this boy!!! ( help him out ))DO IT )!! SLAM

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Christine Merriam (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 22:28:14 -0700

Osteo means bone.... in the liver???? come on! get real!

quoted from:

I received a suspicious message, is it a hoax?

To find out if the message you received is genuine,
please look at our hoaxes list. If you can't find your
message in this list, you can send it to
hoaxcheck. We will then try to verify the contents of the

How do I recognize a hoax?

Any message asking you to send it to
all your friends is a suspect.
Most hoaxes pretend to originate from
a reputable source. If this isn't backed up by a digital signature
from the organization or at least a
page about the subject on their website, it is probably fake. Please
don't contact the organization for
verification since you won't be the only one and this message is
probably already causing them enough
trouble. Just contact us and we will try to verify the source of
the message.
Hoaxes also have the habit of using a
lot of technical terms.
LETTERS!!! are also telltale signs.
If a message claims that you shouldn't
open a certain email message because it will release a
computer virus, it's fake. You can't
get a virus by simply reading a message. However, it is possible to
get one by executing an infected