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Re: Pollack

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Sun, 21 Feb 1999 13:54:38 -0600

Amenay2 wrote:

> We as artists and art educators must beware in lending our support to a
> practice that meets the scrutiney of what is politically correct. PC is
> censorship. It is "Big Brother" telling us what to hear, to say and to see.
> Next it will tell us what to think.

> Like having to wear seat belts? How fast should we drive? What we can
> view on tv? Aren't there restrictions in place to monitor those concerns and
> others?

> This is history...are we now going to redraw it to be PC?

Maybe we should call it HC?(heathly correct)

> Smoking was once an acceptable part of social behavior and this is no longer
> true. Please give credit to our medical and legal profession which have
> brought recognition to the ills of this practice making the public more aware
> of the horrible deaths resulting from smoking related diseases. However,
> PLEASE do not infringe upon my rights to educate my child as to the dangers of
> smoking and ultimately allow that learning and the decision to be her
> choice..

But the sad thing we as teachers know that all parents don't
educate their children on many things-like smoking.

> .isn't that part of the American tradition...freedom of choice.

Yes, it would be nice to believe that was entirely true, but there
are laws to protect us.
There are certain censorships for many different situations. I
don't think the cigarette thing is that
big of a deal. I'm just thrilled that an artist is getting
recognized. And if it means without
a cigarette-fine.
So if it bugs anyone that much, what the heck, do what Craig
suggested and get a marker.