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Pollock stamp? Smokem if you got Em!

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Sun, 21 Feb 1999 10:39:24 EST

I liked all your responses. I'm just glad to see Pollock recognized as a great
American artist. When I teach Pollock to my 4, 5, 6, graders I tell them about
his alcholism and his depression. When they asked how did he died, I explain
that he was poor most of his life, then one day he made some big money. He
was still depressed and drinking though, then the wife went to Europe, new
girlfriends, new car, still drinking, Oak tree your in my may, and thats was
the legend of Jackson Pollock.
I believe in showing young people real examples just how alchohol and drugs
mess up your life. Tell a kid that alchol and drugs give you these light
headed feelings and kids can't wait to go home and try them. But if they
would bring in a few of the characters I see hanging around the streets, and
ask the kids if this is how they want to end up.
When kids ask me about smoking I tell them that it is one of Americas biggest
America is counting on them getting hooked or a lot of other people will be
out of work.
America needs young smokers, but for me, I'd prefer not to have my home, car
and clothes smell like an ashtray. As a kid I listened to both my parents
cough and gag on phlem constantly. I tell kids you can run up the stairs
easily now, try smoking for ten years and running ten feet, and don't forget
cigs cost money. So go ahead and smoke if you want, you will be doing the
Government a favor. Me? I give enough in Taxes I am not willing to give my
lungs up too. Sorry!
When kids hear this side of it, suddenly smoking ain't so cool.

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