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Re: art room discipline-long post

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Sat, 20 Feb 1999 11:39:16 -0600

Oh My gosh Michelle, If I didn't know any better I'd swear you were one of
my student teachers that I've trained! One other thing you can add to your
bag of tricks is Art Money. My students love it. You can use it a couple
of ways- students get an art dollar if displaying very very good behaviors
and work skills. Every 2 weeks the "Store" opens and they can buy cute
pencils, candy , soda, or special passes (water, locker) . Another way to
handle the art money is to have students write their name on the back and
collect them for a drawing for a treat at the end of the week.
I started this incentive to try to pay more attention to the good
behaviors. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative stuff and that
can happen a lot in middle school.
The Art Money I made has Mona Lisa in the middle (instead of a president)
and ID numbers, my signature, school name, and other ideas I got from
looking at a dollar bill. The kids really get a kick out of them. They are
all responsible for keeping track of their bills. They decided they would
put their names on the back and keep them in their sketchbooks until they
were ready to use them.

Mary B

PS. BTW Michelle will you still be able to send your Art Across America

"Michelle H. Harrell" wrote:

> >Does anyone out there have any tips on classroom management for the
> >art room?
> I'm still a newbie (2nd year teaching art/middle school) but I've
> observed and talked to some awesome art teachers and have put their
> ideas into my own plan. I have tried something new with every new group
> of students and improve on what works. Although the art room is unique
> in many ways, I find Harry Wong's "First Days of School" applicable to
> any subject matter or grade level.
> During the first week of class, we dwell heavily on rules and
> procedures. I have them (and their parents) sign a contract on the
> first day so that they not understand the rules but understand why we
> have them. My rules are very generalized like "respect" but we discuss
> what it means- no put downs, even to your own work, etc.
> Every class period is broken up into 4 parts:
> -Bell Work: posted when they come in. Usually 5 min. This is when I take
> roll, catch up absentee students, and pass out work & supplies.
> -Directions and Discussions: The only time I talk. "Eyes on me and
> pencils down" before I begin. This is sometimes longer when I give a
> demonstration. I don't talk until they are quiet and show me "eyes" and
> "pencils."
> -Studio: I reward them with their own favorite music and being able to
> talk while they work. Sometimes, I might start studio with
> "intense drawing" or a few minutes of working without talking.
> -Clean-up/ Closure
> What works for me is to use talking and music as a reward for good
> behavior. If it is too loud at any time, I say "Strike 1, .. strike
> 2...strike 3.. and then give them 5 minutes of silent art which they
> serve during their studio time. Class rewards and punishments do not
> always work. For individual students, I give 2 warnings and then lunch
> detention and a phone call home. Most of them really hate to miss their
> social time to serve lunch detention.
> Good luck- I'd love to hear others!
> Michelle H. Harrell
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