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lindacharlie (lindacharlie)
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 23:18:11 -0500

Sara Gustafson wrote:
> teaching a teacher renewal class at the local community college, called
> "Circles and Shapes and SUNS, oh my!!" (These are primary teachers, day
> care providers, etc.) ... Does anyone have any ideas, or
> know of any books?

Sara, here is an excerpt from my letter to Rosa on artsednet from a
November 27 discussion:
Your mention of the winter sun reminded me of a story I heard on Nat'l
Public Radio several years ago. This was a Kdg. class from an Inuit
school in Alaska. Apparently there is an Eskimo/Inuit custom of
welcoming the sun back after the long, dark winter. The K's prepared for
the "return of the sun" by making 2-sided sun masks: stapling 2 paper
plates to a stick which is held in the hand so that the mask could be
quickly turned from one face to the other. On one side the sun was dark
with it's eyes closed; the other side, bright sun with eyes open. Just
before the sun was to break over the horizon for the first time in many
months, the class assembled outside and faced the dawn with their dark
side masks up. At the moment the sun appeared they twirled their masks
around and cheered the dawn. This happy anouncement was followed by a
well-practiced kindergarten chorus of the song "You are My Sunshine."
Even on the radio, it was adorable! Perhaps you are already aware of
this custom, but I thought I would share it with you
> ...a list of sun words, corny and not so corny
> phrases. .

land of the midnight sun
when sunny gets blue (old song by Johnny Mathis)
sunshine on my shoulders (John Denver)
Sunny Side of the Street
a day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine
sun up/sundown
east of the sun and west of the moon
the House of the Rising Sun
s. never sets on the British Empire
where the sun don't shine (sorry about that one :)
nothing under the sun
sittin in the sun
raisin in the sun
sunny side up

Linda in gray, cold, Michigan