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Re: displaying artwork

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LiteSal (LiteSal)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:32:57 -0500

S. Hildreth wrote (snippets):

>I feel it is important to display all students work in elementary school

But at some point - I usually do it about 1/2 way through
>7th grade art - I start hanging up just the best examples of specific

When I put work up I want
>it to be instructional - to demonstrate excellent projects, good effort,
>and creativity. It should become an honor to have your work displayed.
>It is our responsibility to help children see the differences between
>quality work and just plain doing the assignment.

What Sandra says about older students' work, I apply to my elementary
students. First, I will say, I do eventually hang up work by all my
students (what we consider to be their best efforts). However, I will not
put up work when a student is not putting his or her best effort into it.
Just like older students, elementary students can be guilty of being
careless and sloppy, and I don't want my students to blindly accept work
that is not quality (for that student). Bad habits can begin at a very
early age, and I don't want to be the teacher that fosters bad habits
(meaning, whatever I do in art is "good enough"). That is not to say I
don't encourage experimentation and fun, but I do try to create an
environment that communicates that art is about thinking, seeing, then
doing. By third grade (when most students can physically handle the media
that we use) I really stress quality and make it clear that rushed work
that has not been thoughtfully produced is unacceptable, or at least, can be
improved. It really cuts down on the "Is this good enough?" because they
know that if they are asking, the answer is usually, no. The high school
teachers can thank me later. Seriously, I find that if I care, my students
care more. By the way, I don't think this turns them off, I think they
consider art a more valuable subject because they must make an effort.

Sincerely, Leah