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RE: African American Artists

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Katherine Randolph (krand)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 12:45:29 -0800

You may also want to go to Encarta's Black History Month feature. It's
devoted to African American achievers, and there's a section
especially about the arts. There you'll be able to link to features from
both Encarta encyclopedia and Encarta Africana.
there are also some special lessons in the Encarta Schoolhouse lesson
good luck


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From: Stephanie Ignazio [smi]
Sent: Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:57 AM
To: Nora Redfern
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Subject: Re: African American Artists

Nora, You may want to tak e alook at the website that
has artist Faith Ringgold listed..I believe its called "any1canfly". It
gives alot of helpful info about the artist and her work. I did my lesson on
Faith with my third graders. We read the story "Tar Beach" discussed the
artists life and her chosen media of fabric (how different) etc. Then each
one of my third grade classes did a different take on the project. One class
did individual "I can Fly" quilts. We discussed what building they would
want to own if they could fly over it..their answers ranged from zoos, to
banks (!) to museums to the white house! One class did two large class
murals: We had two volunteers from each group paint the bridge...then
everyone else was designing their building from cut paper, then each student
designed a square resembling a quilt square to complete the edging of the
"quilt". It was enormous but extremely effective and many diiferent skills
were involved so it was well worth it. Then everyone drew themselves
flying..and we glued it all together. great results! Other classes did
individual quilts of their own..same pricipals but designed a quilt-like
border of 3 by 3 squares on a 18 by 24 around the 12 by 18 collage with
markers (overwriters are great for this) in individual squares. Collage was
inside for building and themselves..add glitter for magical flight..very
cute! Other classes did a larger 24 by 36 of the individual project just
bigger and group harmonized..this works for the classrooms that need to work
on community harmony. All in all, the projects were fabulous and make for a
wonderful display. The kids really responded to the artist and her concept
of telling stories through her artwork about her life. I may take it one
step further and have them design their building using the subtractive
method of clay. Then have them draw themselves on paper and connect to
building with a pipe cleaner. I did this at a workshop and it was very
cute!!! The unit I am developing would incorporate storytelling, music,
poetry and maybe drama as well as the visual if you have any
ideas..let me know. Hope this all made sense!!
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From: Nora Redfern <nredfern>
To: Stephanie Ignazio <smi>
Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 1:27 PM
Subject: Re: African American Artists

>Stephanie - That's also what I'm currently working on. I'd like to know
>what've you've put together on Faith Ringold.
>I made a copy of John Biggers' The Cradle and then used white-out to
>block out much of the crosshatching. I had planned to display the large
>print of The Cradle, then let students try their hand at crosshatching
>on their own individual copies using charcoal or.....
>Since I'm a first year teaching everything feels like such a gamble and
>some ideas work and others have failed miserably. I'm working with
>middle school students. Have you checked out The Web of Life: The ARt of
>John Biggers website?
>I'd like to continue collaborating with you on this. Nora