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Re: Faith and Meaning in Art

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carla schiller (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 21:19:27 -0800 (PST)

The post reprinted below, which I completely disagree with, reminds me
that I have a question I hope someone on the list can answer. I had
thought that the artist Mapplethorpe was the one who created the
controversial beaker of urine with a cross in it, but one of my students
told me I am mistaken. Can anyone tell me who the actual artist is/was?

Carla Schiller, Esq.
Teacher, Highly Gifted Magnet
North Hollywood High School, CA
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On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Ann Carolan wrote:

> Amen. I was pleasantly surprised that the great majority of replies to
> my comments were very positive, inspirational and uplifting. It really
> is encouraging to think that there are so many fine people out there
> teaching art, not just as a skill to be bought and sold in the
> marketplace, but as a means of transcending material reality and giving
> the material world a purpose, meaning, and a "spirit"ual reality. As I
> write, it occurs to me that because we have designated spiritual things
> to the closet, things we may not speak of in Public Schools, we have
> borne the fruits of this in the banal and beastial forms of music and
> some art today whose crass reality do not uplift but place us in the
> lower realms of our animal natures. We all recognize our gifts as
> humans, go well beyond the world of animals into the thoughts, minds and
> spirits of beings who are made in the "image" of their Maker. So why
> can't we speak this truth? I fear we will continue to suffer as a
> culture until this "iron curtain" of repression is lifted. How ironic
> that one of the chief purveyors of this myth is the ACLU, the very
> organization that was created to protect our rights has stolen them. And
> what do we do to stop them from twisting the truth? People tend to
> repeat the platitudes and messages we are fed in the media: "We must
> have separation of Church and state" was taken out of context. In
> reality, a closer look at our Constitution reveals the underlying
> meaning was greater freedom of religion, greater rights to speech and
> artistic expressionism. For example the Supreme Court recently protected
> pornography as "free speech" on the web, yet, the nativity and religious
> symbolism is forbidden in schools. I feel it is our duty, those of us
> who know the Truth, artists, musicians, creative mindsm, to rise above
> this repression of thought to create a new myth. After all, the creative
> mind is the free mind not subject to repetition and digitized
> regurgitations of what others force-feed us, but gifted to think and act
> freely despite suppression and demagoguery.
> What slogans and symbols can we create to change this paradigm? Please
> publish your ideas to help stimulate some free associations if you
> agree, if not, you can always "delete", that is your choice.
> Ann Carolan