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washing brushes & palettes

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Wed, 17 Feb 1999 21:55:46 EST

When my kids are painting they each use one paint palette, a brush and a
plastic yogurt cup for water each. During class I set up the cleaning

next to the sink I station about 4 buckets of water about half full (in a line
creating controlled traffic flow) - either on chairs or a table (like tables
are ever available! ha!) at the end of the line I have a lunch tray with a cup
for brushes.... they are told to
1.)DUMP the water & paint into the sink,
2.)WASH their 'dishes' in one of the buckets, and
3.)STACK them on the tray.
It works pretty well. In a couple of rooms I don't have a sink so I have a
special bucket for dumping.
:) Laura Allan

In a message dated 2/17/99 8:05:41 PM Central Standard Time, smi

<< I also would like some info on that subect. The last two weeks of school me
and my partner were blamed for messes in the school's bathrooms. (I really
don't know why we were blamed ..we weren'e even using the bathrooms at that
time, but I suppose that just goes along with the year I have been having. A
memo even went out to that fact that we as the art teachers were having
problems in the bathrooms due to the teachers not letting us use their
sinks. I of course did not recieve this memo that I had been supposedly part
of the discussion..ahh, well...the forces of are bigger than me I guess.
Back to hand washing. Most of the time I use the small sink in the room two
at a time and two other girls and boys to the other restrooms. Honestly, the
K's are the ones that most cooperate. The other older kids as they finish
for the class wash as they feel like it. They know we are rushed for time
and just deal with it. As far as the brushes, I have two students that
either volunteer or I pick to be the super helper angels of the day. They
seem to love the attention. This works best in the older grade levels. As
far as the young ones, when we paint I bring a bucket and helpers bring up
the dirty water and dump it out. Brushes I wash. So far clean up hasn't been
so bad, even with plaster, paint and clay. Hope it helps. I would appreciate
any other clean-up ideas as well. Stephanie >>