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Re: hand washing

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Wed, 17 Feb 1999 21:38:37 EST

two ideas to solve the handwashing issue:
1) home-made-wipes:
While students are working I dip papertowels (one at a time) into a bucket of
water, squeeze them out, and put them on a lunch tray - when kids finish their
work they may take one, open it, wipe their hands & desk, and then put it in
the GARBAGE (not back on the tray!) (I use the cheap, coarse, school
papertowels when I can talk the janitor into giving them to me... I tell him
I'm just trying to keep the bathrooms clean, then I smile and bat my eyes).

2) My friend suggested having spray bottles of water - spray eachothers hands
over the garbage can, spray the desk to wipe off....

We teach Art ala Cart...

:) Laura Allan

In a message dated 2/17/99 11:00:38 AM Central Standard Time,
nredfern writes:

<< Pardon me if this subject has been beaten to death. But... how do you
all handle students washing hands after workin?. I work with middle
school students who generally don't like to be messy in the first place.
I have one poorly draining sink and no supply of paper towels unless I
put it on the students' supply list. So I have towel rags that I use and
take home and wash. The students complain about sharing towels with
others - I don't supply a fresh towel rag to all 120 students every day!
Sometimes I reluctantly let the students go to the bathroom (never know
what I will find later or have reported to me later). Anyway, bathroom
is often locked to keep students from loitering at lunch and after

This also ties in with how the students clean paintbrushes.Any ideas
appreciated. Nora >>