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Re: Questioning yourself as an educator

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Melissa Chaney (meemo)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 19:52:31 -0600

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I think that we have all done things like this before. At our school we stress
and strongly believe in, processing with students. We talk to them about their
behavior after a time out period. Well, maybe you would feel better if you just
personally invited those students to your room in private and talked to them.
Maybe eat lunch with them. It's worth a try anyway. As far as your staying after
school with that troubled parent, well you must be a great teacher or you wouldn't
have cared at all. Here you are bothered by it all. You were there for that
scared parent. Now that's something!!!

BluesTruth wrote:

> Hi, Gang-
> Today was one of those days that I really questioned myself as an educator.
> Sometimes I really go overboard and today was no exception. I work in a
> really tough area of Chicago and I know I have to be as tough as nails. I
> worked long enough in this neighborhood to know that fact. Today I made a kid
> cry. I told him he scribbled too much. You should nave seen his expression
> on his face!! His eyes glazed over and he put his little head on the table and
> sobbed away! ...And on the same day, I belittled a young black boy(from a
> foster home) in the first grade who I said should be put back to
> kindergarten!!! I can't believe I said that!! Twice in a row--TWO feet in
> TWO mouths--that's ME!!!!
> If that wasn't enough...a mother ran up to me in tears after school. I asked
> her what was wrong , and she cried that her daughter did not arrive home from
> school!! The principal was on the phone calling her little friends. The
> mother was beside herself. It was truly scary. I stayed after for approx. an
> hour, trying to help but they still didn't locate the little girl by the time
> I left for home.
> So here I am, sitting at my computer, questioning and doubting myself. I
> thought I was doing o.k., but I am really not doing o.k. I can't get that
> picture out of my head---
> that little boy sobbing and burying his head on my art table with his lttle
> masterpiece underneath him.
> Bluestruth (Jill)

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