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Re: resumes

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Betty Bowen (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 12:08:59 -0600

I've been away several days and am sorry I can't jump in to all the
interesting topics that have come up lately!

About resumes - It is very helpful to me to read posts like DeDe's about
what good job applications look like -
the frustrating parts for me are - (I know this reads like a whine-fest, I
don't mean it to be - email is a difficult medium) this is my first time to
look for a teaching job (High School), without benefit of student teaching -
so no student work to provide, no pictures of me working with students.
Also, I feel at a great disadvantage because I can't take off work to do a
day of observation at whatever school I choose, as DeDe mentioned. It's
always easier to look for work without a more-than-40-hour commuter job
commitment, so it is frustrating knowing I'm competing with lots of married
ladies who can do that (no offense to married ladies of course) and people
still in school.

But I know those are the limitations I'm working with - I'll deal with it.
More frustrating is - the state's "jobnet" lists no openings, and the Dept.
of Education office staff looked alarmed when I asked how one goes about
finding openings. They suggested I write to all the schools I'm interested
in across the state!!! WHAT??? Really?? How do I find all those addresses? A
stack of phone books? There appears to be no clearinghouse- no master list.
The two major Universities say they keep a file of art teacher's resumes and
then around April interested schools come and go through them. That sounds
somewhat useless.

So I'm baffled.
Of course it alarms me that DeDe is already interviewing people - I just got
my "art teacher test" scores back today, so just now can get the resume
finished. Since I'm going in as "alternative placement" do you recommend
including my test score on the resume? I made 100% on the "School Art
Programs" section, and an overall of 94 -which was a little disappointing -
a 90 in "fine arts and crafts" - quite wounding to my artist ego!! (I AM
curious as to how they figured 100 + 95 + 95 + 90 for an average of 94 :))
Do schools care about these scores or do they just want to know I passed?

Thanks - Betty