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RE: Displays

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 11:49:35 -0500

Well, we're back on line I, way too many messages at once!!!
About the display thread....because my school is large I keep each classes
attendance list in a folder. As I shuffle work away for the artshow I check
off the child's name so that I know I have work from them (ahh, the parental
pressure of it all.....)towards the end of the year, one of the secretaries
prints up a label for each child..this helps me out if for instance Sally
Mae joined school in late March and didn't get printed up on the class list.
Towards the crazy period nearing th artshow I can either add another child's
piece if I kow they have really worked hard or know that I already have put
enough work of theirs in the show by either seeing that their name is
checked off or their label is gone. It worked really well last year, so
hopefully it will work again. There is that pressure to get everything
labeled and matted however..which can be such a pain!! (Even the upcoming
FunFair "decorations" hold such the same pressure..the mom told me that
parents "will be looking for something 'created' by their child". I almost
backed out..but then who would do it??) As far as school display goes space
is limited..but this year I have taken to heart that quote about finding art
in the strangest places. I put it on windows...empty spaces on the walls, of
course the available bulletin boards...hanging from the ceiling (major fire
violation I know..but I haven't been caught yet)..just about everywhere.
Sometimes I put K work in the 3rd grade wing and vice that
everyone can see what everyone else is doing. And I try to mix grade levels
in spaces together. For instance, we finished a grade 6 unit on Warhol and
Disney..very colorful approaches for each character..I seperated the
characters and we have a bunch of Mickeys in one wing, a bunch of Minnies
somewhere else, etc. This helped me display much more of the work
everywhere. Next to some of the work was third grade Faith Ringgold also
very colorful and imaginary and then some first grade imaginary
castle/houses. It makes for a very interesting effect to share a space with
a few different projects that have a common thread. I can't always do this
but I like when it works. As far as displaying each class and I have 5 of
some grade levels...I pick a few from each classroom, that way I am not
"playing favorites". We also have cork board strips above the lockers so
that helps sometimes..if the teachers are not using it to hang something..I
do. (There are some teachers that never hang I have "taken
over" that strip. I have recently been trying to label each make
the artshow easier this year...but find that sometimes that is just not takes away something. (Of course, I have had teachers
complain about there nothing that can appease them???) Hope this
info helps. Stephanie