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RE: displaying artwork

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Fields, Linda (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 10:43:30 -0500

I think I agree with Sandra. Altho' it is important to encourage the young
ones and not differentiate because they have simply not had enough
experience, I think that putting up all work in high school would be doing a
disservice to the kids that take their work seriously. Kids know when
they've done quality work and often get really annoyed if you tell them
something is nice, or whatever, but they don't think so. Unless we tell them
what, exactly, is nice, interesting, etc., we lose our credibility. I have
some high schoolers who just slop together anything just to get it done.
They know it and I know it, and I refuse to justify it by displaying it. In
my opinion, self esteem is derived from the act of knowing inside that one
has met a problem or challenge and solved it successfully-it is not
something that can be "given" or "taught". It should be a mark of
achievement and distinction to have one's work displayed as quality. Linda
in NC

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> I feel it is important to display all students work in elementary school
> - I mean, if a class does a painting about winter, you hang up every
> students winter painting. (I do not mean to imply that overworked
> elementary art teachers must hang up every students work for every
> project however - some projects can just get sent home or put in
> portfolios), But at some point - I usually do it about 1/2 way through
> 7th grade art - I start hanging up just the best examples of specific
> projects. Often this is just hung in my room or the hall outside my room
> - not a formal exhibit meant for parents, etc. When I put work up I want
> it to be instructional - to demonstrate excellent projects, good effort,
> and creativity. It should become an honor to have your work displayed.
> It is our responsibility to help children see the differences between
> quality work and just plain doing the assignment. If not, how can we
> ever expect them to strive to produce something especially unique or to
> employ good craftsmanship?
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